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Has anyone heard anything about Sportarredo Extasy? Does it tan well? How much do you charge? Do you like it? Any info on this bed would help...thanks.
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I am a SPORTARREDO distributor in Texas, the EXTASY is new and exciting! I have sold 4 since the show and everyone is excited about it! My customers charge $20-$25 for a single visit which is 15min. It has 20-160w on bottom, and 15 high pressure facials on top, 3-1530w , 12-630w. Check it out at www.sportatan.net. call if you have questions 817.980.2020
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Sport Tan,
I dont want to rain on your parade but I was not impressed with the Extasy. I have your equipment and they could have done a better job with: Bad filter glass (it comes in shields instead of separate glass filters like ultrabronze, magic and basically every other manufacturer) there is no way to change filters if you want to upgrade the color from the HP lamps. Locked into the Kalfuson 610 and 1500wt lamps. Very expensive lamp change with no competion because there is nobody else that carries them. If you want to try a different lamp, it would cost thousands in techs to come and change the way the lamps are held in the facial cassetts.
Why in the world would somebody put an electric lift in a tanning bed when it is a comon fear that the electric will turn off and not be able to get out of the bed?
I see that a Super Ringo stand up has 30 610wt and 4 1500wt hp lamps. How many Hp lamps in the EXTASY? Not as many as the Ringo yet the bed is 6-10K more than the Ringo.
Anyway, I was interested when I first saw the mailers but after seeing it in person, I was not impressed. Again, just my opinion, but I don't understand their behind the times set up.
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The facials can be changed very easy, even you could do it! If the bed shuts off the top automatically opens up! The EXTASY is the same price as the SUPER RINGO! Very user friendly, no tools required to clean under acrylic, change bottom lamps, or get to all the electrical components!! I have seen people get stuck in beds with shocks that are out and top is to heavy, and also the spring lifted, but never an electric lift!!
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I'm Banned
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i would bet you dont have one of this units.. i was in dallas and tanned in one at ultra tans and was very impressed.when i got through clayton showed me how to get inside the botom lamps and electrical comp.with no tools,it took about 1 min. he also powered it down and show me how to lift top panel w/no power.. it only takes three screws to change the facials and it takes about 20 minutes for a complete lamp change..im am getting one in march, i was very impressed with the way it tanned..clayton at ultra tans is a very smart guy when it comes to the sucess of a salon,he took out his 600's and replace them with the extasy.i really believe the guy knows what he is doing,after all he went from 4 salons to 11 salons in two yrs..so im inclined to believe what he showed me about the extasy.and the fact that i got awesome results from tanning in the bed...

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Re: Extasy..

Can you or someone from your company help me with the Sportarredo Extasy I purchased from another salon?
I've been turned away by some tanning bed distributors because I didn't buy the bed from them directly. I've offered to pay an hourly wage to get help even over the phone. They declined. This really leaves a bad taste with those companies, I won't look to them in the future when I need something new or parts for beds.
This bed has a cord cut. There are two identical cords on either side of it intact. Too, I have power to the top of the bed and the bottom, yet not the middle. So the bed won't turn on. Where can I get a replacement cord for it? And is it a single phase or 3 phase bed.
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Re: Extasy..

as an electrician you can butt splice the wire together if you have a cut cable should be easy call me 7818589514 Joe
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Re: Extasy..

You folks realize, the post is 13 years old?????

Sporttan.net web is no longer operating
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Re: Extasy..

PCTan is the people that should be able to help you. That bed is a 3 phase but may be able operate at single phase not sure about that. If you're unsure what it is set-up as, ask the salon that had it before or you can have a electrician look at the incoming wires into the bed to determine the phase.

If you post some pics I may be able to help with the wires as I do have one of these beds up and running strong.
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