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Think someone is being abusive on the site?
Your asking the question -- How can I be a moderator here at tanTALK? Here's how.

When you see someone acting inappropriate you can click on members reputation icon as seen below you can add or subtract from their reputation. Once a member falls to -100 they are automatically put into a classification called "Trouble Maker." They will remain in this classification until they reputation gets to -75 awhen they will be returned to normal status.

While classified as "Trouble Maker" they description will say "Trouble Maker" and all of their posts will be moderated before others can view them. They will, however, have unrestricted access to the "Say What" forum. Until they return to normal user status they cannot vote on another person's reputation.

Take control of tanTALK yourself! Make your vote count.

To +/- from someones rep, click the green (or red) bar in thier post.

You can also choose to ignore a person all together. If you don't like a person here and they offend you then simply put that person in your ignore list. All their posts are not gone from your presence.

Go to their profile and click the link that says "Add member to your ignore list"

tanTALK General
This section deals with tanTALK specific features

This section will give you instructions on listed an item for sale.

tanTALK Industry Professionals
Instructions for gaining access to this forum.

tanTALK Moderation
Moderators on tanTALK are in place to ensure that members follow the community rules, to assist new members, and to foster lively discussion.

A post will be EDITED by a moderator when it:

-- Contains profanity. Limited profanity will be tolerated ONLY in the "Say What" forum.
-- Contains off-topic content and post would is not suitable in another forum.
-- When the nature of the post is to attack another person or company.
-- Unacceptable behavior (as determined by the tone of the community; e.g., profanity).

A post will be MOVED by a moderator when it:

-- is more relavent in another forum.

A post will be TRASHED by a moderator when it:

-- is SPAM. Discussion of products by the manufacturer or distributor is not allowed unless they support tantTALK financially. SPAM by members saying they are not distributors / manufacturers will be monitored.
-- has no value to the community.
-- is not salvageable by editing Illegal/defamatory statements.

A member will be BANNED by a moderator when:

-- they have been warned several times by private message and continue to violate tanTALK rules or policies. Length of ban will be at the disgression of the moderators.

How to Post and Reply

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