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Re: Membership - MANY approaches...

Originally Posted by peach View Post
I agree-no specifics! Most salons hope the customer doesn't even remember they have an eft, let alone contact them in October and remind them that they are paying for something that they are not using.
Anyone that has the mindset of selling a membership and hope it is not used is a terrible way to do business. When you gain a tanner you want them to use that package so they see value in having it. The more you communicate with tanners the more they will use your product.

While many of you say men and women always carry money that is true but how does that translate to a convenience based business. The idea is to make being a member and tanning at your salon as seamless and hassle free as possible.

The way many of you have decided to do business is fine. If you are happy with the performance of your salon and are not interested in doing something a different way that will increase sales and the overall experience at your salon that is fine.

However unfortunately there is a huge percentage of salon owners that are failing and are on the way to loosing their business. Old ways of doing things or not having a business model at all is the reason for this failure.

Adopting a business model that is successful for todays salon is an option or adopting an old unreliable model that may work for an isolated salon or maybe the expectations for that isolated salon is so low that they don't realize they are leaving money on the table.

There are salons that are failing with sales dropping every year.

There are salons that are doing ok and really look at it as a low paying job.

There are salons that are maximizing income with an increase in sales every year.

Where do you fall in this list and where would you like to fall?

Is there more than one specific business model that works? Yes!

However those models that work are well planned and are designed for todays consumer and also designed for change when needed.

My point is make changes if needed, don't put a band aide on it find a real fix. It may be your marketing effort. It may be your price structure. It may be the quality of the product you offer.
It is different for every salon as to what should be done. You can be sure doing nothing and hoping for change will get you nothing.

There will come a time and it is right around the corner, cash will no longer be a excepted form of payment. Everything will be structured around convenience and there will always have to be a great product that you are selling.

There is always room for improvement.
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