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A couple of points I'd like to make.

The industry is changing and if you are in a market with a lot of competition it is neccesary to have the upgrades in order to compete.

However I disagree that you do not need these in smaller markets. You see Neon if your competition or interested competitors read this they have a bigger incentive to open up in your town with VHR, sunless, and HP. I believe that as the larger markets become more competetive some chains/franchises will start looking at untapped markets and come in to provide the equipment that has been lacking. Movie Gallery has done this in the video industry with much success.

I try to upgrade my equipment at least every two years preferebly adding something new every year. I am currently adding sunless and replacing my HP bed, if you don't I believe someone else will. In the last few years prices have gone down so it is easier to purchase upgrades. Quality VHR's can now be had for 10k or under, Sunless $17k and under and some HP beds around 17k as well.

My advice would be to any salon that is looking to survive you must add these alternatives. If $$ is an issue you can even now find quality used spray booths, HP, and VHR beds.
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