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CHUNN 12-12-2000 04:17 PM

Anyone know if there is a way to void a tanning session after the bed had turned on?Michael

CandyBridges 12-12-2000 04:35 PM

The F6 (void sale) will stop the bed after the unit has started, regardless of how long they are in to the sessions.

CHUNN 12-12-2000 05:02 PM

Candy,When I have tried this and the bed has started Helios poped up a box with a message about the bed has already started.Michael

Mike N 12-12-2000 05:04 PM

You can delete the transaction, but can not void the sale once the bed has started. Go to View, Systems Files, Transaction. Find the transaction you are looking for. You can delete it from here. It will now not show as a sale.Mike------------------Take A Trip To The Coast...Palm Coast Tann mike@palmcoasttann.com

Anonymous 12-15-2000 01:10 AM

Michael and OthersTake a look in Helios Tips forum - post on Oct 29th - Stopping a bed after it has run a minute.Hope that helpsAndy

CHUNN 12-15-2000 08:08 AM

Thanks Andy! I will give it a try.------------------Michael Chunn - www.tantalk.com

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