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Gene 12-09-2000 10:36 AM

I upgraded from Helios 8 to 9 and now 9 doesn't recognize my passwords so I can't get in to change them. It's like the conversion didn't take them over. Any ideas?

CHUNN 12-11-2000 08:44 AM

Gene,All installs of Helios come with the password "DEMO" Also after you installed Helios 9 did you specifically run the conversion program? They do not convert your Helios 8 data during the install of Helios 9.Michael

TJ 12-14-2000 12:01 AM

Did you call support Gene? They should be able to tell you what the problem is.

Anonymous 12-15-2000 01:13 AM

Gene, I have not had any problem with Passwords on any convert I have helped with.Assuming you have converted completely without problem - give Tech Support a call - I am sure they can helpAndy

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