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Neon Beach 02-25-2005 06:15 PM

Small salons that are "paid" for and established will have more staying power. Be friendly all you want. Reserves of cash or credit will also be needed.

JeffinKC 02-25-2005 06:33 PM

Neon, I know you don't believe in high pressure or sunless or special promotions, or anything for that matter. Maybe if you broaden your horizons a little you might need less cash reserves and credit because you will generate more revenue.

Neon Beach 02-25-2005 06:48 PM

That's where you are wrong, I just don't believe in buying equipment your market won't support or having "crazy" giveaways in the wrong markets.

That stuff may and has worked for many others, but you have to consider who your buying public is, and the types of tanners your market.


For the best spray booth on the market

Neon Beach 02-25-2005 06:57 PM

Kansas City

General Information:
City Population: 1,776,062*
*Population corresponds to Metropolitan Statistical Area or Consolidated Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Median Age: 35.2

80.2% are Caucasian 51% are female

Now do you think that a City with say 65,000 or less can pull the same numbers as the place above?

JeffinKC 02-25-2005 07:01 PM

Your glass is always have empty isn't it? Your market will support this equipment if you understand how to sell it. The market I am in is middle class and it is sometimes a hard sell but it can be done. People are all the same....they may sometimes be conservative but are willing to pay more if you sell the benefits and value.

"Crazy" giveaways are not crazy if they get people in your salon to try and also buy into the equipment you are so skeptical of.

Neon Beach 02-25-2005 07:10 PM

But you see, you don't know my market or the types of tanners we have here. No one is going to give me $30 a pop to tan in a $50,000 HP unit. They won't pay $2 to use an upgrade bed. You on the other hand obviously have enough population to draw from that you will eventually get these types. That's all I have been trying to say. I have nothing against any of these pcs. of equipment, I'd love to have them, but they will not be supported here.

JeffinKC 02-25-2005 07:35 PM

As most uf us understand tanning is based on convienance and the almost two million people living in Kansas City are not all "my market". I happen to be in a suburb of the city that is certainly not one of the more populated areas of the city.

When I added my first VHR bed many years ago I was worried that no one would ever pay for a 20k bed and at first it was a struggle to get the upgrades but it has gotten much easier with time and the understanding of how to sell high end beds.

If you never take the risk you will never reap the rewards.

Neon Beach 02-25-2005 07:42 PM

I agree, but I know the people here, as I said, I can't get an extra $1.87 plus tax for my larger bed. Upgrades units would be hard to support here, it really is a sad thing.

Here's a good example, WalMart was the "anchor" for the local mall, they just opened a new 120,000 foot store about 1/2 from the mall. The mall is now dead, dead! No one goes there...... This is a WalMart town, and with it comes the WalMart mentality.

totaleclipse1 02-25-2005 11:45 PM

True, but I still feel that once they go elsewhere, most of them come back...Service is the key....Its like getting a manicure, your hair cut, its a service, its skin care and when people realize that they will stick with you !

Neon Beach 02-26-2005 12:11 AM

Not when the percieved value is they same, but they can get if for far less. You are fooling yourself.

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