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Hi there! Great forum... Just got my log-in today.

I recently went for a Mystic Tan (Friday,March 21). Not a winner IMO. But it came free with the package of 500 minutes I bought so I decided to try it. I was told to shower and shave before I came because I would not be able to right after, and so I did. About a day after I got the spray on tan, my legs broke out into a bunch of bumps like razor burn on the calves and shins. I am not one for getting razor burn, so it made me think that the spray did it.

These bumps do not itch. They are just red, and I STILL have them today, just as bad (Wed March 26). I have no intention of going for another mystic tan, even though I am not sure it was the spray that did it. I shave my whole legs and my underarms before I went, but the only place that broke out in this rash was my lower legs.

Anyway, I resumed tanning in the bed (after a 5 or 6 month break) on MONDAY, and am using Dark Sexy Tan. I am very picky about the fragrance of the lotion because I dislike the strong fruity smells... Prefer the lighter scent of this lotion. Anyway, I was wondering:

Does anyone know what might have caused the rash? Was it the Mystic Tan spray?

Will tanning/using the Dark Sexy Tan hurt the rash in your opinion? Will the rash still heal if I continue to tan using the cream?

Obviously if the problem persists, I will see a doctor.

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I have heard of people breaking out from using spray on tans, but I never heard of anyone getting a rash from it.

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Jenn, it might folliculitis, a staph bacteria or fungus. I'd never heard of it until about a month ago when a girl complained of getting it from the beds or towels. She scared the salon owner to death claiming she could never tan again, but thanks to Christine, it turns out to be quite minor. Treat with topical antibiotics like neomycin. Search "folliculitis" for her answer to my question. Don't worry there are only a few references to it.


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Are you sure it is a rash?
Does it itch? or is it just rash like in appearance?
Is it still there today is the 27th.........

Please describe the look of this rash......

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Thanks for all the responses!

fungirlz, yes the "rash" is still there today (the 28) but it has significantly improved. No, it did not itch AT ALL at any time. The only spot it was was on both of my lower legs. If I run my hand over it, it feels as though every folicle is a tiny zit, i guess is the best way to describe it. I have been touching it all along and it has not spread anywhere.

I have not shaved my legs since friday (ew! Amazon woman lol) because I didn't want to irritate it. Now it isn't red anymore, and so isn't really visible, but the bumps can still be felt. Strange, eh?

Thanks again for your help!
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SLI-HOT, I did a search for folliculitis, and it would seem that that would itch? I don't know if there are many types, but this particular thing doesn't itch at all. Thanks!
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I purchased a new lotion - Spiked Butter, by California Tan, on Monday, March 31. Being inexperienced with tingle lotions, I didn't realize I was going to get so red. I was so scared that got out of the bed twice in seven minutes, and was too scared to continue. The girls explained it was normal and promised it would go away. Well, the redness did, but the next morning I awoke to a rash on my legs similar to what you've described here. The only difference is that mine is also on my lower thighs. The lotion is the only thing I've changed in my daily routine of lotions, perfumes . . . and the only thing I could think to cause it would be the fact that I shaved my legs about 5 hours prior to my visit. Today, the rash like little tiny red bites -- with tiny scab like tops. Any ideas? Cures? Should I see a doctor?

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Funny I did a search and this site came up!! I am having the same problem that you are except it is all on chest, stomach, some spots on my back and a few spots here and there on my legs. I am very fair skinned and I'm hoping that I didn't just spend too much time in the bed. I am using a different lotion this year than last so maybe that's it. I'll let you know how everything looks tomorrow.
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Re: Rash on legs

I also have a rash on my legs. It looks similar to razor burn, but it itches and gets worse when I scratch. I've been working at a tanning salon for over two years and never did a mystic before. Finally, I decided to try it after we began carrying Mystic's Premium solution with Nurtimist Plus. I did the Mystic on Friday, and I shaved my legs and exfoliated that morning. On Sunday I noticed a rash on my legs. I didn't do anything new, and the only thing I could link it back to was the Mystic. I've been using an after tan with DHA in it, and the bronzers that I use for the bed also has has DHA in it. I know it isn't razor either, I never get razor burn. The rash is only on my legs, not anywhere else which is also odd.
Does anyone have an explanation for this? None of our customers have ever complained of rashes such as these.
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Re: Rash on legs

I also have a rash on my legs that developed a day after my spray tan . I have spray tanned many times with both Mystic tan and Versa Spa, and have never had this develop. It looks like razor burn on my upper and lower legs. It itches, and I am not going to shave (yuck) until it clears up (hopefully soon?) Have you learned more about what may cause this?
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