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Soakinuptherays 05-13-2002 09:51 AM

Eliminate Retail Diversion
How many of your tanners are now bring in their tanning product bought from a retail store like Bananna Boat, EuroTan, LA Express, Australian Gold (In Florida), Tan Express or other “indoor” tanning product just sold at retail stores? I think that this type of diversion will be the biggest source of lost revenue on indoor tanning products than any other form of indoor
tanning product diversion.

Bundle Tanning Products with Tanning Packages!
This is the absolute answer to stop your tanners from buying tanning product at beauty suppliers, retail stores, off the Internet or at flea markets. Tanners buy tanning products from these “diversion” sources because they believe that they are saving money that way. “Retail” indoor tanning products average about $8.00 a bottle. When you include a free “basic” indoor tanning product with every monthly membership you are eliminating that reason to buy products from somewhere else.

I suggest you giveaway a product that you can buy for less than $5.00 with a retail value about $15.00. Your discussion point is getting more than just tanning but total skin care sessions and lotion. The reality is the membership is $15.00 less than the monthly fee because of the value of the indoor tanning product.

What if a tanners does not want the indoor tanning product? It’s a package deal, period! The indoor tanning product is a gift and can not be separated from the package. But, for advanced tanners that need a better indoor tanning product, you will allow them to trade their gift bottle in for a $15.00 (the retail value of the product) credit towards another bottle of indoor tanning products. If you buy a $60.00 retail product for $15.00 then adding credit for $15.00 means you sold it for $45.00 but to get the credit they must buy their lotion from you! If they do not want the indoor tanning product, now is a great time to ask if they use and understand tanning products or what tanning product they are using if not the one included with the packaged membership program.

Giving away a free bottle of tanning products with every monthly renewal promotes proper lotion use. If tanners say that they have not used their bottle during the month, check their visits knowing a bottle should only last 10 visits. Educate that tanners about why they should be using the proper amount of indoor tanning product with every tanning session.

Banning Indoor Tanning Products Sold at Retail Stores!
You need to develop a list of “retail” indoor tanning products in your area. Post a list of these products in your salon indicating they can not be used. Instruct new tanners about your policy about using banned products in your salon. You will want to have tanners you see using a “banned” product that they are responsible for any damage that “foreign” lotion does to your beds or their membership may be terminated.

Do Not Sell Indoor Tanning Products Sold at Retail Stores!
I know this sounds stupid but some indoor tanning product manufacturers sell their products to both salon and in retail stores. Other manufacturers have several product lines with some being sold to tanning salons and other lines being sold in
retail stores. You are only hurting yourself by supporting these companies.

Educate Your Employees and Tanners About Retail Indoor Tanning Products!
The Indoor Tanning Products, stocked by tanning salons are selected to help individuals achieve their darkest tan!

Tanning and Sun Care products bought somewhere else may actually hinder the tanning process. Soakin’ Up The Rays, Inc. makes an educational poster that cover these issues with your tannners and employees.

Why Tanners Should Buy Indoor Tanning Products only from a Tanning Salon!
Topics covered are:
* Basic Moisturizers are not the same as After Exposure Tanning Products.
* Using After Exposure Tanning Products to Get Better Tanning Results:
* Indoor Tanning Products and Outdoor Sun Care Products are Different:
* Some Tanning Products Bought Elsewhere will Damage Tanning Beds:
* Would You Bring Your Own Food to a Restaurant?:

Don Smith 05-13-2002 10:15 AM


Thanks for posting some GREAT ideas to help us all sell more lotions.

Now, tell us the truth, isn't this more fun than "bashing" Max?


PS to Max: When will you post your tips?

Soakinuptherays 05-13-2002 10:28 AM

I have always worked in my postings, newsletter and educational booklets to educate salon owners.

I just finished this morning writing my June newsletter. Talking about: Eliminating the wall of confusion in your salon, Salon Contracts to stop diversion, and 2 new products were are introducing in June!

Hemp Plateau Buster (TM) is a new natural aloe vera based formula with 3 different Tyrosine systems including a lipisonal complex, essential oils and hemp seed oil.

Intimidator (TM) is the second of our revolutionary oil based lotion with a dark bronzer.

June is the perfect time to release new formulas as tanners get tired of the same old stuff from this spring.

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