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missmorganxo 12-11-2012 01:10 PM

I need emergency help selling lotions. I go to work in 2 hours.
Hi, all! I'm new to this whole tanning industry thing! I just got hired to a pretty popular tanning salon chain. I don't want to bad mouth anyone I work with, I'm just a tanning consultant...but, my manager wants to good numbers, commission and UPTA for herself so she won't teach me how to sell lotions. I started 2 months ago so I'm still really new. I'm constantly reading the bottles, trying new lotions, and I research all about tanning online all the time. I even take notes at work. My goal is to own a salon or be a manager soon. None of the other girls I work with want to help me learn, they're all very catty and all of them have other jobs.

It's basically me and my manager, as far as people who work there as there sole job. My manager is considering two other girls for asst manager as we speak, and I'm pretty upset, because that's what I was hired for. My old asst said I'd be the second asst by Feb, then she left. And, I was left high and dry. I've talked to my manager and district, and they said, have good sales and you'll get promoted. The end.

I need to sell lotions like crazy, and we're really really slow.

I normally greet clients, like, Hi! How are you? :)
Do you have your eyewear? (then I scan there scan card)
Then, I either say, we have this lotion on sale right now, it's a great deal etc. Or, do you have your lotion with you today?

Most clients are regulars, and they'll tell me off, roll there eyes, jerk there keys out of my hands...and cut me off. Nobody wants to hear it. Plus, my manager gives 50% off all lotions, which is against company policy. My district knows and does nothing. So, they don't want to buy from us when they know my manager will do that.

tanlover3 12-13-2012 02:01 PM

Re: I need emergency help selling lotions. I go to work in 2 hours.
It seems like the main problem here is your manager. She is cheapening the product she is supposed to sell. If Head Office does not know she is discounting lotions how are they calculating your abilities to sell? you would have to sell twice as much to make up the numbers and clearly that is not working.

Anyway, the most effective way I have found to sell lotions is to engage in a conversation that basically forces the client to engage in conversation without yes/no answers.

Instead of "do you have your lotion today?"
I say "What are you using for lotion today?" or "How are you liking your lotion?" I find I make a sale more often than not by asking those questions. If they say "I actually dont use lotion" you can ask why and tell them the benefits of lotion, offer a sample, and show them the difference it makes in their tan. If they say "I like my current lotion, thanks", tell them that you have similar lotions that they may like to try.

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