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BooBop 11-17-2002 10:24 AM

The Nasty Croc has brought this up on another board.

Could this benefit everyone? Very possible it could.

If manufactures put a Use by date on lotions would it not help us sell more goo? Would it help keep it off the internet (at least old stock people are unloading) and the flea markets?

Sounds like a step in the right direction to me.

Of course we could tell the clients that it is an approximate date and to get the best results they should keep this in mine when only wanting to use a little while tanning. You know some are mizers when it comes tolotion applying. Therefore, not getting the best results and benefits of the product.

What you think?

BronzeBabe 11-17-2002 11:46 AM

I really think that this idea could work...do you think that the expiration date would be based a one year?


BooBop 11-17-2002 01:14 PM

That would depend Christina. From what I understand some lotions would keep longer. For instance, an All Natural product would not keep as long as another. So I think the rule of thumb is anywhere from 1 year to 2 years. But it would be nice if the label stated 1 year as far as keeping lotions off the diversion sites.

BronzeBabe 11-17-2002 06:13 PM

I agree....Wow Mitzi this idea could really change the problems that are existing with diversion...I would be a very big supporter to this idea...how do we bring this to manufacturers attention??? And do you think that the manufacturers would be interested in this sort of change?


BooBop 11-17-2002 06:17 PM

This is something we should ask our manufactures. Maybe they would agree and implement this. Then again they may not. If they should manufacture to much product and it has a date on it, then they couldn't dump it off on unsuspecting salons or individuals.

BronzeBabe 11-17-2002 06:31 PM

BTW how do the distributors keep track of how long they have had the lotions in stock...how do we know that we are getting what we pay for and not some lotion that in 2 or 3 months is going to be bad...Expiration dates could change that we would always know that we are getting good product...


Tropical Image 11-18-2002 11:27 PM

This is very true.... flea markets around my area sell the same lotion for half the price as the salons, but the bottles appear dusty, but still people purchase them over the higher price at the salon... if there was an expiration date, the costomers would know not to buy from the flea market because their lotions are older....[ This Message was edited by: Tropical Image on 2002-11-18 22:30 ]

BooBop 11-19-2002 09:31 AM

Maybe we should get an email campaign going to all lotion maufactures on this.

BronzeBabe 11-19-2002 05:05 PM

Yeah I agree on that Mitzi...this is a great idea...lets see what we can do!!!


HOT 11-20-2002 01:33 PM

For me the idea of expiration dates sounds very good!

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