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Soakinuptherays 01-08-2001 09:57 PM

All the new distributor catalogs are soon to arrive in your mail box. How to you make the most of your disrtibutor reationships!Distributors: Buying Name Brand Indoor Tanning Products:Their are many great distributors selling a variety of indoor tanning products and salon supplies. Often they will call you, ask them if they are distributor or a product manufacturer so you know, who you are dealing with. A great local distributor is an asset to your business but their are some basics you need to ask to make sure you have a quality distributor.Is it the latest packaging: Often early in the tanning season, distributors are dumping the old packaging from last year. Make sure you ask for the latest packaging or get a better discount for taking the old stuff.Get the best price possible: When buying major indoor tanning products, what one distributor is selling is theexact same thing as what another distributor is selling. The products are identical. Why not get the best price possible. Call around to make sure you get the best price.Backorders: Ask about their backorder policy and if any item from your order will be backordered. Avoid paying for backorders in advance and shipping/COD charges on backorder shipments. Why pay for products you have not received!Ask about additional charges: Ask when placing your order if their any additional charges on your invoice beyondthe product cost. Shipping, handling, and other charges increase the net cost of your products and reduce your profits. How quickly will I get that shipment: In tanning season, it is very important to get your products as soon as possible. The quicker it gets on your shelf the quicker it can result in cash in your pocket. Ask when the product will be shipped and how long it will take to arrive. Then verify they told you the truth.Do not buy anything COD: Lets say you get 50 cod shipments this year. We you cost yourself $250 in profits toyour pocket (50 x $5.00 (UPS COD CHARGE) = $250.00). Get a business or personal credit card to pay for all of your tanning products you purchase for your salon. If you get one that has a reward/incentive program then there is an extra benefit. In the early days of my company, I often wrote out the company check to VISA, the day I ordered the product to ensure I paid my credit card off every month even if VISA got 4 or 5 checks in theenvelope.Develop a relationship: Find a good distributor that meets all your needs and stay with them. The more you havethat personal relationship the more that distributor is willing to bend or break the rules for you that will result in more money to your pocket in the long run. ------------------Greg KlesiusSoakin' Up The Rays, Inc.1-800-935-7625WWW.Soakinuptherays.comAwarded the First TSO Seal of ApprovalWWW.naatso.org

BOBER96 01-09-2001 09:41 AM

Greg, that is wonderful advice especially for those that are just entering the biz!

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