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Red face Versa vs Versapro

I am debating between purchasing the Versa spa or the versapro. I am very familiar with the Versa spa but has no experience with the Versapro. Does anyone know more about the new versapro ? Pros ? Cons ? Tech issues ?

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Re: Versa vs Versapro

We have two Pro systems, and I would choose them again today if given the choice. If you haven't already, you'll want to use both systems so you can gain end-user perspective. From a customer experience standpoint, the heater is dramatically improved over Spa, and, because the booth uses less solution, they'll be dry by the end of their session.

We only offer the Pro, but other salons in our area charge about 30% more for a Pro session than a Spa session.

Yes, there are technical issues--Sunless has to come out to repair something about once a month, but they've been great about honoring the warranty. I do have to admit that I'm nervous about the cost of repairs after the first year. That said, from what I've heard about other sunless booths, all of them have about the same frequency of required maintenance.
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Re: Versa vs Versapro

I have had my Versaspa for over 3 years and I have gone through 2 pumps a limit switch and a couple of solution couplers. All things that you can fix yourself in a few minutes.

I would be losing my mind if I bought a new Pro and it was breaking once a month in the first year. Is it that much more technical that they would be having so many problems? Based on that I will not be upgrading my unit anytime soon.
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Re: Versa vs Versapro

Sorry to stray, I went to Nashville this month to compare the Spa, Pro, and also the mystic HD, I am too in the market to purchase a new unit before busy season. I asked the the reps about past and existing problems on the pro and thought I would get a answer of the pro has no problems, but instead he walked me through all the past issues with the pro and spa, he said as a problem comes up it happens first at a very busy salon that the unit is is heavy use, they send service out to diagnose problem and once fixed, if its a defect (Which he said were many) they would visit all salons with unit to update the problem.
At this point he said all issues with the pro has been corrected except for the wire harness that rides up with the spray bar, it has been giving some salons problem, they are in the process of finding a fix but as of the show its still a problem.
The reps said, if you have pros in other salon in your demographic area it will be hard to sell a spa visit to a customer since the pro is a more advanced unit.
The look of the pro in my opinion is a better looking unit but the product you spray in my opinion is better in the spa for the Mid West, ( you can put spa product in pro).
For the HD, just out of the running all together, once agin only my opinion.
We went to show to see Ergolines spray unit but the reps said it has had many problems and the pulled units out of many salons in Kentucky, The issues will still take some time to work out, so that unit was eliminated from our choice.
At the show we were very impressed with the color that was being spayed on the models at the Norvell displays, there unit is nice but looks still go to the pro, color goes to Norvell.
One negative about the pro, you can not put any competitors solution in unit so you are forced to like product. I personally went in pro at show and got a level two spay with clear and was told within six to eight hours I would see most color, I was not very pleased with results next day.
Finally we visited the Pura spray unit and were very impressed with not only the look of the unit but also the results of there product. In the pura if you find a solution you like better then Puras you can spay through the unit.
So for my salons it will be the Pura, I would like to stand out in my area instead of blending in.
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Re: Versa vs Versapro

Can I ask why you decided the Mystic HD is out of the running?
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Re: Versa vs Versapro

We had to eliminate one at a time to come up with the one for our salon, It was a tuff choice since we felt all units had there pros and cons, but to answer the question:
The Mystic HD looks good, but not as good as the competition.
My wife sprayed in the HD at the show and the color was ok, but other were better.
We were thinking there are many people who would not like to be in a box filling with spray, my wife being one of them.
We did not like the small bottles of solution we had to inject in unit every time, we felt it would get messy over time, taking in and out, with small amount of product left in bottle after each use, we also felt there would be some customers who would be pulling out bottle just to see product and have solution all over room, I'm sure we all have a hand full of customers who are curious.

Once again it is only my option, Im sure there is a answer for every concern, but we went to show to purchase a unit and found the one we felt was best for us.
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Re: Versa vs Versapro

I have all 3 units: VersaSpa, VersaPro and Pura's.
There are pros AND cons to all 3.
there's no doubt the Pura is hands down the best machine of the 3. It is built with all commercial grade parts, never an issue with pumps, hoses, filters...anything. However....we have had solution issues. Trying to match Versa's solutions color has proved to be a major challenge. My customers love the solution from the Versa's and rarely complaign about their color, length of tan or consistency.

The Pro is a definite machine upgrade from the Spa. There's no way I would ever go back to buying a Spa. (For the money, definitely buy a Pura instead of a Spa.)

We've only had the Pro for a month or so, like I said it's an upgrade from the Spa, but I'm not convinced it's an upgrade from the Pura. I would compare it more laterally however it's FAR more expensive and my personal opinion is you won't get that back out of it from a numbers stand point.

Pura has been playing around with new solution options for their machines, once they get that fixed, there's no competition.

As far as raw data, the VersaSpa's are slightly outperforming the other units on a GM analysis. But now that the solution is fixed for the Pura, I expect dramatically different results at the end of this season. I wanted VersaPro to be better, I wanted to go back to Sunless Inc, but I just don't think for the money they are better than Pura.

Let us know what you decided!
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I love Derf!!
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Re: Versa vs Versapro

You guys need to look at the Norvell
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Re: Versa vs Versapro

anyone concerned about the Pura's longevity? They have some law suites with Versa that could end poorly for them!
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Re: Versa vs Versapro

Originally Posted by Tony View Post
anyone concerned about the Pura's longevity? They have some law suites with Versa that could end poorly for them!
No worries. Pura is here to stay!
Robert Klem
Superior UV Technologies
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