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tanning supplements?

i have trouble tanning my face, neck, hands, and feet. the rest of me is brown, i know its weird. so i was wondering if anybody on here would suggest using anything like http://www.tanaid.com/ ?
i dont know if they are a gimmik or unhealthy.
thanks for the help.
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Re: tanning supplements?

If you're having trouble tanning, I'd recommend something like a tingle or DC Legwork. You can't use a tingle on your face, but Legwork works wonders everywhere.
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Re: tanning supplements?

There has been MANY debates on whether tanning suppliments actually work. I, myself DO take a tanning supppliment called "Tannamins" , they contain 2000 mgs of TYROSINE, up to 4 times more TYROSINE tan any other tanning suppliment, and I DO believe that I get a faster, deeper darker tan than without taking them., and I also " feel better"...my mood is better when I take my tanning suppliment because Tyrosine also has anti-depressant qualities and I'll get to that ...
The MAIN ingredient in tanning suppliments is " TYROSINE". When the body is exposed to sunlight ( UV Rays ), the body's own tyrosine stimulates the production of melanin and the melanin rises to the upper layers of the skin and when it is oxidized it turns brown, into a suntan, but if you are laying in the SUN, I would strongly suggest you have a very good base tan and use sunscreen before taking a tanning suppliment because you could get a very bad sunburn !!!
The debate has been whether tanning supppliments that contain Tyrosine will help the body to produce more melanin to get a faster, darker tan.
Tyrosine has also been proven to have anti-depressant qualities, so as far as taking Tanning suppliments is safe or not, it's just like taking a multi-vitamin, it is a suppliment and won't hurt you. Here's some info I found out about Tyrosine and anti-depressant qualities AND about tanning...

Tyrosine – Improves Mood, Mental Ability
Known as the "antidepressant" amino acid, Tyrosine is most commonly used to help lift mood and mental functioning. Some individuals report it's especially effective for helping reduce stress and mental burnout.
Tyrosine supports and assists neurotransmitters in the brain. When the body is stressed out, aged, or tired the availability of L-Tyrosine is depleted.
L-Tyrosine supplementation helps reduce stress, improves mental alertness and mood, and acts as an appetite suppressant.
Let’s look at it in more detail.
Tyrosine is classified as a nonessential amino acid produced inside the body from phenylalanine.
Its importance is in its function as a nutritional ingredient for the synthesis of the neurotransmitters epinephrine, norepinephrine, and dopamine.
Tyrosine is also needed to produce a number of important hormones including thyroxin, which has an important role in regulating the metabolism, skin health, mental health, and human growth rate.
It is also helps in suppressing appetite and reducing body fat, production of skin and hair pigment ( production of skin pigment = a suntan ) and has a positive affect on thyroid, pituitary and adrenal gland which results in better moods and alertness.
It is as we stated earlier a precursor of the neurotransmitters epinephrine, norepinephrine and dopamine. These are very important in terms of brain health andtransmit nerve impulsesand prevents depression.
Dopamine is also vital to mental function and mood. It can be used therefore to treat mild depression. In a medical study, tyrosineproved effective in alleviating stress, anxiety and kept the patients generally more alert..

A Tyrosine deficiency may also have symptoms of low blood pressure and low body temperature.
When taking a tyrosine supplement it is best taken late at night before going to bed, or first thing in the morning. Folic acid, copper and vitamin B6 are good minerals and vitamins to take with tyrosine to maximize absorption into the body.
Good sources of Tyrosine are any meat or dairy products, eggs, almonds, avocados and bananas to name a few.
Dosage- There is no recommended RDA, although most people who take it as a supplement take 500 – 1,500 mgs every day.

**** Note: If taking a Tyrosine suppliment in the morning, it is best to take the tyrosine a half hour before eating. It is reportedly effective for stimulating energy and mood and/or suppressing appetite.

Now the TanAid suppliment link you provided, I looked at it and the ingredients in the suppliment are ALL very good to help the Tyrosine to aid in the tanning process, especially by having copper and a "B" vitamin and Folic Acid as mentioned above. The only thing is that there is only 400 mgs of tyrosine in one tablet of the TanAid suppliment....IF you were going to give it a try, I would suggest following it's directions and take 2 every day while you are tanning and contine to take it the entire time you are tanning , even on days you don't go tanning, don't stop unless you plan on stopping tanning for a few weeks, months or longer...
The suppliment I take, the " Tannamins" directions say to take 2 ( that's 4000 mgs of Tyrosine ) for a week before tanning to get your body used to having the extra Tyrosine and when you start tanning, to take 2 each day, take 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening.
Another thing that will help you get a nice tan is to use an Indoor tanning lotion that has Tyrosine in it and there are many lotions that have a few forms of Tyrosine in them ( L-Tyrosine, Acetyl Tyrosine, Unipertan ( which is Tyrosine, Collagen and Vitamin B2 ).

So that's about it...I hope this was of some help !!!

Happy Tanning !!!
Ricky :)
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