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italianbeauty 03-26-2010 04:24 PM

i need help!! uneven tan and burning!
hey babys! I am sure this is a common question so here it goes.

I just started tanning and last week i went into a high pressure bed for about 8 min using white to black lotion..then 3 days later again for 10 min with-out tanning accelerator. After that i got burnt on my back,stomach,hips,thighs and butt (with butt smileys of course)...it wasnt that bad so i waited till it went away (about 4 days later) and went in a low pressure bed for 12 min using cotoure tanning lotion..and of course got burned in the same areas as before..now the problem is!

its been 4 days and those areas that got burned are SOOOO much darker..especially my hips , which is pretty much literally black..

how can i even this out now! and how can i get rid of buttsmileys in a laydown?? please help id like to go back to the tanning salon asap

and by the way..im fair to naturally tan so i normally dont burn that much

i called beachbum and hollywood tans and they said either wait it out or use a self tanner to even it out =]

unity 03-26-2010 04:32 PM

Re: i need help!! uneven tan and burning!
Well I doubt your were going in an HP bed. They emit little to no UVB that is pretty much impossible to burn but for the fairest of the fair. What bed was it exactly.

Second, if it is an HP its not a good idea to start out then in a low pressure at 12 minutes. Your salon is NOT doing a good job at all of regulating your times unless you are telling them what YOU want to do?

Either way, talk to your salon. They should be able to help you better, they should know their beds. We dont :(

italianbeauty 03-26-2010 04:35 PM

Re: i need help!! uneven tan and burning!
well thats what they said wait and moisturize or self tanner until even..

what do you reccomend.. my friend told my to put a tshirt over my stomach and hips or apply a low spf where burned ! idk!

unity 03-26-2010 04:39 PM

Re: i need help!! uneven tan and burning!
Why would an low SPF be different than a high. SPF is a time measurement, not a strength and a tanning session is very short.

Like I said, talk to your salon or at least tell us exactly what you are tanning in. Either way, make sure any reddening is gone before you go again. Also even if it appears gone, it may not be. Touch your skin with the tips of your fingers briefly. If you can see light spots right away, you are still burned!

italianbeauty 03-26-2010 10:26 PM

Re: i need help!! uneven tan and burning!
ok i used in the platnum level first the cayenne (no burn)...then the E600 (got burned) then silver level Cobra UXF..got reburned.

what im worried about most is how my butt and pelvic area (around my hips andunder my tummy) are so dark..like it looks like its a shade of black and tanness..it looks horrible!

Shari 03-27-2010 08:19 AM

Re: i need help!! uneven tan and burning!
Spray tan using a barrier cream on areas that are too dark to even tone. Dont tan or spray tan until all redness is gone.

Brian Oshman 04-01-2010 11:17 PM

Re: i need help!! uneven tan and burning!
Well let's clear up all of the myths here.

First, a Cayenne, E600, Cobra UXF are not High pressure beds, they are VHO beds that use florescent tubes, not full quartz lamps except for the facial areas. You did not tan in a high pressure bed.

As for the UVB content in High Pressure beds, it will be as much as 4 times higher than that of a base bed. Everyone needs to stop with "PERCENT UVB!!!!!" This is not a reliable way to determine strength. It is amazing how uneducated most are in this industry about bed types, UV, the tanning process, business, etc... Anyway, High Pressure can and will burn you if you are overexposed. The difference is that the UVB in HP beds is more right shifted in the spectrum so it is not as harsh as the more left shifted UVB in the base beds but there is still a lot more UVB in HP beds due to the shear power of them.

Now things to look at on why you had the reaction that you did, are you on any medication that you don't usually take? This can make you photosensitive.

Was the bed used by a customer that used high tingle lotion and it was not properly cleaned before your session?

Is the salon properly cooled and clean or is it a hot box and filthy? If it is hot then it is possible that the lamps were not properly cooled in the beds and would have uneven output or if the bed is not well maintained then it would run hot and affect even tanning.

Did you apply your lotions evenly or did you rush and miss spots?

Did you eat something that made you photosensitive? Certain foods can do this.

There are plenty of things that could have taken place to get this kind of reaction. A couple of things that can fix this are sitting bent over on the lounge to tan the smileys.

Applying SPF to the dark areas and tanning so the untreated areas catch up.

Spray tan. (Holy $h!t, did I just say that? :rolleyes:)

Just let it go away and start over.

Another thing to look at is what kind of lamps are in the beds. Are they the same brand/make throughout all of the beds? Are they different in each of the beds? Are there only one kind in the bed or is there a mix of different brands and types? This here would signify that they just pop in what they have or just put lamps in when they burn out. Without actually metering the beds, it would be difficult to determine if there are strong and weak spots in the beds.

Are the acrylics clean on the inside? Are they old looking and crazed? It could be any number of things.

Let us know what you find out and what solution you chose to remedy the situation and the final results that you received.

engfant 04-02-2010 09:02 AM

Re: i need help!! uneven tan and burning!
Everyone stop thinking. There is nothing unusual here. This is how humans tan when they are starting from 0 tan. If you always keep a base tan this doesn't happen.

It takes about a month of on/off tanning to get an even base. If you have a base tan then it'll take 1/2 the time and you won't have to deal with parts of your body slacking and other parts tanning too fast.

The solution to this is after you get an even base tan BUY LONG TERM VISIT PACKAGE and go 3-4 times a month to keep your base.

italianbeauty 04-04-2010 12:29 PM

Re: i need help!! uneven tan and burning!
OMG! brian you are the only person who actually gave me a good answer. well, they put me in a stand up for 8 min ive gone 3 times since then. they told me to put the tanning accelerator on the white parts and to moisturize and exfoliate before i come in. i can kind of say the rest of my skin is catching up but it looks like it will take a long time to get as dark as the burned areas.

the thing is today, the area that got burned on my hips (no redness) is starting to peel.

anyway, after my package expries (maybe in like 2 weeks) im going to take a break from it and start over, then im switching tanning salons. the receptionist tried hitting on me in my tanning room and he creeped me out. Also in the stand up two or three bulbs were out.

stand up definatly is helping my butsmileys slowly but my butt feels like it got a shade darker or a shade lighter i cant tell.

i am going to try to put an spf on the burned areas...what about if i wear underwear and and something to cover my stomach?

engfant 04-05-2010 09:22 AM

Re: i need help!! uneven tan and burning!
bloomers or gstring?

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