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House of Tan 04-01-2006 01:17 PM

Re: Lumiere (Anyone making money?)
RAI has put up some links on the end-user web site; pathway to beauty .com that shows some of the media hits they have gotten. The new PR firm that they hired is putting together a PR kit that you can get from RAI, which will greatly help you to get your own local media involved (hopefully) with your salon. I hope this helps if even a just a little.

Link: http://pathwaytobeauty.com/news/index.htm


I no longer rep. for RAI. I submitted my letter of resignation earlier this week. I am going to either work with them independently to create an in-depth marking and sales kit or I may start a consulting firm for Photo-facial therapy sales & marketing in the salon setting.

Thank You,

Tasha_Tosh 04-01-2006 02:56 PM

Re: Lumiere (Anyone making money?)
OMG i know this post is old but if you read this BEWARE... lumiere=biggest joke ever!!! we have it as a salon that is in a very high end city. Microsoft, Boeing, starbucks, etc... millionares all around... people are buying it seeing NO results and never buying more sessions... even i tried it and my employees. no one has been happy with it, don't waste the money

mr belvedere 04-01-2006 07:08 PM

Re: Lumiere (Anyone making money?)
Are you guys sure you did it right? ^^

TJ 04-03-2006 07:53 AM

Re: Lumiere (Anyone making money?)
What have you done about it Tasha? Has RAI helped you. Do you still have the machine? Tell us your story.

TJ 04-04-2006 07:28 PM

Re: Lumiere (Anyone making money?)
I've e-mailed Ray and ask for help in selling my lumiere. I'm sure I'll be hearing from him soon and hopefuly with a buyer or a way for me to end this madness. If anyone is interested please private message me. The last post from Tasha just pushed me over the edge.

mr belvedere 04-04-2006 11:17 PM

Re: Lumiere (Anyone making money?)
Please keep us up to date on the progress of selling your machine if you wouldn't mind TJ. I'm interested to hear what RAI does to assist you with this. Thanks. -B

TJ 04-13-2006 10:29 PM

Re: Lumiere (Anyone making money?)
Ray is going to try to help me relocate my lumiere machine. I'm sure someone out there would like to purchase one at a discounted price. After all, there are no moving parts to ware out and the thing does produce results. I just think my market area in just not ready for it yet. If anyone is interested, please private message me.

TJ 04-20-2006 04:00 PM

Re: Lumiere (Anyone making money?)
Could some of you guys help me out. Do you take my input on this thread as being of negative nature about Lumiere? I believe that my negative input here was about the false pretenses that I (and many others salon owners) made our decisions to purchase it under. I believe I stated that I thought lumiere does work and that RAI even used my wife's eyes in all of their brocures and even in some News media hits that are available to watch on the web site.

nstan 04-24-2006 10:44 PM

Re: Lumiere (Anyone making money?)
Ha Ha Ha. Don't hold your breath waiting for RAI to help you. They are the biggest scam artists around. They have their money. They do not HAVE to help you and they won't. We've been waiting for one year for help and we don't see it. Biggest and costliest mistake we ever made. A very expensive lesson. private message me if you want more info.

TJ 04-25-2006 07:27 AM

Re: Lumiere (Anyone making money?)
Hmmm...... Do you sell Tanology lotion in your salon nstan?

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