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How about some feedback on how your spray on tanning units are doing. Looking seriously on purchasing one. Thanks
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Randy and Lisa..
I recieved a PM from a fan..and responded ....in short. Don't call me dearest if you don't want me to check your closet for wire hangers.

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Posted: 2004-03-17 19:48
Dearest MJ,
I am not sure what a distie is, but from the "tone" of your response it appears to me that it was a mean dig. My sympathies to you. I am new here, not a spammer, I dislike SPAM and rude people. I love to assist people and was so excited to find this site; purely by accident I might add. If you happen to start getting SPAM related to Cinnamon Bay, I assure you I had nothing to do with it. Thank you for the extra attention, and again, I am sorry to hear such negativity from someone. I hope things get better for you and you feel better about yourself soon. I am not here to bicker or play immature games. I simply want to clear up your misinformation ~ Pam

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My original response was deleted..why?????
I do not know. The second evil was my response to brat like mods who made the final decision to censor me.

I remember to save that one.
Quote:I see censorship is still very much alive and well here. WHAT I SAID I HAD EVERY RIGHT TO SAY. Now no need to get your pals to warn me to death Cya! Until the coward that edited me can be seen...and states their reasons....I will not bother to visit here.

That was a clean post.... no ****, ***, *******, skrew, *****, tramp, ****, words were used. If words like 'disdain' and 'remedial' are comsidered "bad here. Then, Fhuck you people! In the future I will just reply (if at all) on Tanformation.com where the mods from CesorshipRus.com cannot evil eye my OPINION. Especially when this person called me out to play.

You guys can go back to watching grass grow or paint dry.
I will post a board free of anal retentive closed minded simpltons in charge of what is said or not said. Does it agree with the banners advertisers? Or will on a board where they cater to whining posters that bring the shiiit on themselves..and can't take it when you smack them back. I am getting really tired of cutting and pasting all my posts into word because certain people think the evil eye is their you play toy.
Buh Bye now.

PS I saved this post to..I guess censorship is alive and well here even without the brat. :eyeroll:


hereya go mods.... mods evil eye this......
Tight *** Jim...KMA and when and if I ever want your opinion..I will tell you what you are supposed to say. Got it?... good!
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Spray on sucks..........
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Our mystic is doing great. Love the color that can be acheived with first going into our starship 220/hp and then a level 2 in the mystic. Instant darkness. Great marketing for selling both UV tanning with spray combined. We have done over 300 mystics since instalation!
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When was your installation?
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Also, are you offering any combo packages with this?
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I did the "double-dip" tactic when I visited the manufacturer of the spray booth in the UK. 6 minutes in a stand-up 60 tube / 180 watt...... then streight to the spray booth....... WOW what a tan. That night while visiting some local pubs, several of the local Brit's asked me if I was from India..........no, but I am 1/8 Native American from the USA......does that count? Anyway, great marketing concept also.

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We have the Norvell Airbrush system and love it. It is going great - much more than we can handle sometimes - and we even have customers who use to get the booth type spray or mist tan, and are coming to us to have splotches or streaks fixed. I am really not trying to be ugly aganist the booth or mist systems because I believe there is a great need and place for those. Some people are uncomfortable allowing someone else to actually apply the solution , such is necessary for the airbrush , so they would need a booth or mist. BUT, we chose the airbrush because it can be customized to the customer in several ways. Just get information on several systems and hopefully even look at and try each before you make a decision. Good luck!
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to whom it may concern... I know who you are.. Thankyou for the virus.. it was quit cleverly crafted as an email from caltan.. very nice.... I dare to try it again... lets just say that I am giving you fair warning not to start you cant finish.. should you chouse not to heed my warning because you feel superiour to others.. be prepeared to be held accountable.. see me say..

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I hate to burden your conscience…but those of you “double-dipping” your customers may want to reconsider. We do airbrush tanning in my salon and used to frequently send folks into the standup unit after an airbrushing. We stopped this practice after we did some research to what happens when you induce the Maillard Reaction (sunless tanning) simultaneously with Melanogenesis (sun tanning).

We were able to find a lot of info on Google from studies done on the Maillard Reaction at leading research institutes and universities. It seems that UV free tanning is not without its downside. It’s an oxidative process that results in free radical production. Another by product of the process is called Amadori product. If this gets oxidized it damages Collagen and Elastin with the same end result as UV damage…fine lines, wrinkles and sagging. The amount of damage is directly related to the amount of oxygen that is available. Don't get down on sunless tanning, it is still the "healthier" alternative.

But there is a problem if you are putting DHA on your skin and then exposing it to UV (or vica versa). The ultraviolet increases the amount of oxygen free radicals that are available to oxidize the Amadori product. You end up with maximium damage from the Maillard Reaction plus maximum damage from the UV exposure. So the instant gratification of the sunless tan is at the longer-term expense of your skin.

We offer both sunless tanning and UV tanning in our salon, but we do not mix the two.

We also stopped selling tanning lotions that contain DHA. These lotions that manufacturers call “bronzers” that contain DHA have all the same adverse affects as that described above, probably even worse because it is truly simultaneous.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the beautiful tan they are seeking while limiting the adverse effects of the process. Incidentally, we also insist (promote strongly) that our customers use an appropriate aftercare product.

If you truly care about your customers, you will do your own research.
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