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Lets now take a look at the Couperose condition of the skin.

Couperose can be temporary or chronic in individuals.
It is redness that appears on the face. It will look like small,dilated,bright red blood vessels that are winding around the nose on the cheeks and sometimes on the chin area.

This condition occurs usually as a result of poor elasticity in the walls of the capillaries.
When there is a rush of blood because of blushing or too much heat or other stimuli the capillaries expand to make room for more blood flow. When the blood recedes the capillaries go back to the normal size. If the capillary wall is not elastic enough it will expand but will not shrink back to normal size or shape .. The result is a distended capillary that will hold the blood cells with-in its structure and give the appearance of redness in the areas that are weak. ( Follow?)

Couperose is aggravated by climate.. too hot or too cold will make the skin react.
Nerveous disorders also bring on Couperose conditions.. Saunas, eating hot spicy foods, drinking hot drinks and medications like Retin-A will also aggravate this condition.

Care should be taken with this kind of condition not to expose it to very hot or very cold conditions.
Be sure you advise guests with this condition to protect their face from the UV. Using a face tanner that can be turned off during the tanning session is important.
Using a night repair crème that help strengthen capillary walls are very very helpful.
Products that are soothing are best for this type of skin condition.
Look for products that have vasoconstrictive ingredients in them.. these will help quite a bit.

Look Great…..Feel Great……. Give the Best care you can to your guests.. It's all about being the PRO..

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Sensitivity of the Skin is the next condition we will look at here on this topic.
I am considered a “Sensitive”.
Sensitivity can effect dry and oil skin types and can also be associated with the Couperose condition.

Why someone is sensitive is not yet real defined in skin care practice. The condition “Sensitive skin” means something totally different to doctors and cosmetic chemists than it does to the consumers..... Doctors and chemists say the skin is sensitive if it reacts to an element or ingredient, while we the consumer might have had a sensitive point in our history to something and so we may say our skin is sensitive.( Follow?)

I am what you call hyper-sensitive to many many products, smells of products and even fabrics of some kind … My skin will become itchy and burning and may infact break out in tiny bumps. According to data.. 60% of consumers perceive their skin as being sensitive, but according to scientific reports only about 20% percent of the population is indeed sensitive and of this group only about 5% are really sensitive to cosmetic ingredients.

Let’s take a look why the skin reacts sensitively.. it is when the stratum coreum is damaged and products penetrate into the the deeper layers of the epidermis or the dermis.. also the skins very own chemical make-up such as its bacterial flora can react with the properties in a product and create the sensitive reaction.
Remember, every ones skin is different and every ones skin will vary from time to time. So you may be able to use a product just fine one month…and the next have a reaction..
Climate and weather conditions play a big role in this sensitive skin matter.

Sensitive skin looks like a rash..it can itch, burn and sometimes peel..in some case it can get little watery bumps and hurt like heck.... It is best to refer a guest to a doctor if you are seeing this happen to one of your clients or yourself.

Fragrances, sunscreens and preservatives are major culprits in skin reactions.

If you are working with a guest who is sensitive it is best to recommend very gentle products for their skin.
Chemists are working every single day to develop products for this skin condition..
Look for products that are high in botanical ingredients..such as chamomile, root extract, aloe vera and licorice.

Remember to always have a guest wash off their fragrances or make-up before exposing the skin to ultra-violet rays.
This can cause sensitivity..

You’re the Pro.. now Go share your knowledge.. ..........

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Waiting Confirmation
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Chris my darkside is not doing well what do you suggest?
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Thanks Chris for the excellent information...I will definitly make sure to share this knowledge with staff and customers.......
Great stuff...

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Darth Vader
Still a Newbie
Posted: 11/18/02 10:12a

Chris my darkside is not doing well what do you suggest? Darth...

Well Darth.. explain the condition and we can try to examine it and maybe we can help you....
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Let us finish up this evening with the last of “conditions”..

Later we will begin a new topic called Disorders of the skin…
Remember a condition and a disorder are different..

Acne Vulgaris..

This condition is noted by pustules and infection spots on the skin.

Some times they are in large groups other times they are few and sparse.
No mater how many an individual has they will always be small. The skin of individuals having Acne Vulgaris will always be oily, it may look very dirty and uncared for. The surface of the skin will have black heads and white heads and the pores will be clogged.
Acne is NOT an internal disease surfacing on the skin… It is a combination of 4 elements.. hormones, excessive cellular keratinization, aggiomeration in the corneum layer and the sebaceous follicle (oil production) and an over abundant amount of bacteria known as the Propionbacterim acnes.... Other types of acne such as Cystic Acne should be referred to a MD as they demand a prescription of anti-biotics, and these individuals should be under medical supervision for treatments. ( what I’m saying here is that some one with Cystic Acne should NOT go to the drug store and attempt to fix their skin.. nothing over the counter will help clear it.. and in fact it could aggravate the condition and make it worse). Follow?

Some of the factors thought to make Acne Vulgaris worse include too much oiliness, improper skin care and cleansing of the face and chest and back areas...
Total removal of the dirt and oil build up must be done to battle the out break. .. Hormonal imbalance is a big factor in Acne Vulgaris….lack of vitamins such as A ,E and D.. ( tanning.. tanning.. tanning produces what vitamin in our body.. ) ..so we now know that tanning is what…??? Good for who??? Individuals who have what???? Acne Vulgaris you say?? WHY????
Because maybe they are lacking in what? And Tanning produces WHAT????
Oh my you are so smart.. Isn’t this FUNZ????

Let’s continue. Ok..
Also the individuals skin could have insufficient acidity ( our skins pH is thought to control the bacteria population).
Acne Vulgaris can flair up due to the climate..humidity and heat which help aid in bacterias growth. The use of astringents and products containing AHAs, BETAs and
Harsh exfoliants can also make it flair up..

Suggest the individual seek a licensed certified professional to help them with proper care for their skin.. Finding a good at home cleansing treatment and the home care program coupled with a professional service every 4-5 weeks will make a world of difference in the individuals skin.

Remember this type of skin must stay hydrated.. Hydration is NOT oil remember we discussed this before.. ( Follow?) .. Look for products that hydrate as well as protect the skin sooth the skin and ones that help get the inflammation under control.

Remember in diagnosing an individuals skin it is my recommendation to first identify the persons skin type. This will avoid confusion on whether the skin is lacking oil or if it is dehydrated ( lack of water).. It will also help you help them pick the proper skin care products and treatment program. Proper diagnosis of the skin type is key.

Begin to look at individuals skin.. ask questions about their daily life style and you will be amazed at what the skin will say to you..

Look your Best and help others be the best they can be.. isn’t that the reason we got into this business???

Love to All...
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Hey.. Could ya'll do me a favor?
Write your replies and comments here..
I go to my e-mail and I'm loaded with names I don't know so a lot of times I delete them..
I think your comments are wonderful and great and they encourage me to want to keep coming up with topics for ya'll.. but could you do a favor and write then on the board, this way others can read the nice things you say also..
Thanks for understanding..


PS.. It's ok to post your thoughts here in skin care.. this is a "SAFE ZONE".. we all get along..we all are here for the same reason.. to learn about our skin..
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