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TanningConsultant 08-23-2001 12:28 PM

THE TANNING CONSULTANT The tanning Consultant is a new company that is taking their combined 15 years of experience in the tanning industry to the street in a effort to help new owners cross the bridges of ownership with minimal expense. As current and prior owners of tanning locations this highly experienced team is uniting their efforts to offer a turnkey alternative to franchise support and affiliation. The Tanning Consultant will take new salon owners through all aspects of opening their business. This includes corporation formulation, store design, construction, equipment selection and purchasing, furnishing, and startup support. All of the expensive mistakes normally associated with starting up a new business can be avoided for a simple fee. Staffing, advertising, promotions and pricing all become simple and organized systems with The Tanning Consultant. The knowledge and support of this team will address every aspect of opening a new business. For more information and details you can call The Tanning Consultant at 231-922-8020.

LeBronzeBaby 10-14-2001 12:50 AM

Are you located in Muskegon, Michigan?
What is your price range?

ellas14 10-14-2001 12:11 PM

If you use you brain once in a while you wont need people to start and help you with your business.. Advice is good but why pay someone probably a good amount of money for nothing. Self education is what it is about. What moves did you do to your salon what ideas did you have to better your salon. How many long days did you put in you salon???? Get self satisfaction because YOU DID IT!!!!!! Not someone else telling. Why do so many people get in the business and literally dont have a clue but think instant $$$$$$$$ Good luck

totally tan 10-14-2001 03:32 PM

if your a real consulant ? not a toll free # and a salon name and state. also tan talk is for members who love the tanning industry. we help each other for free.

Bronze Star 10-14-2001 04:46 PM

Very well stated both ellas and totally tan.

We're glad you both are here!

TanningConsultant 10-15-2001 10:22 AM


Yes we have an 800 number and yes we run a number of salons.

Yes, I would agree with you that some questions should and are answered for free. But, depending on the level of service and the amount of information that you are looking for, should and does determine what fee is charged.

While you may take your car to the garage and have them put air in your tires for free, would you expect them to work on it for free?

Everything has value, something's more than others. While talking to a consultant about your business, or ideas, may not have any value to you. There are some people out there that it holds tons of value.

While there are many things that seem very easy and simple to come up with in the tanning business. Every wrong decision also has a value. To many wrong ones and the bank comes knocking. Some people have deep enough pockets that making the wrong choices won't hurt them to bad. Others are smart enough to know that it is better to spend a little now, than a lot later.

videotanner 10-15-2001 09:30 PM

How do you charge for your service?

TanningConsultant 10-16-2001 10:40 AM

We sit down with you and discuss the level of service that you need. If you simply have questions on construction or business plans, then the pricing would be much lower than someone that wanted everything would.

We have had people that wanted us to help them with the bank, build their store and show them how to run it. Something on this scale is obviously going to be more money.

What is this worth? Well, how much money could you potentially lose in this phase of your business? Compared to some of the horror stories that are out there, are fees are minimal.

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