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-   -   Tan Talk Rules, Guidelines and Principles (http://tantalk.com/please-read-tan-talk-rules-guidelines-principles/2379188-tan-talk-rules-guidelines-principles.html)

TanTalk Admin 06-20-2009 08:33 PM

Tan Talk Rules, Guidelines and Principles
Tan Talk Rules, Guidelines and Principles:

TanTalk.com welcomes all people whom are tanning industry professionals into our fun and exciting community. This site offers the opportunity to learn from others, share and gather ideas, make friends, and buy and sell products on. TanTalk offers a search engine within the website providing an excellent starting place for general information and questions.

1. Moderators: The Site Moderators are members of the site who have been voted in or chosen to be in the position to provide help and assistance to other members. When asked by a moderator to adjust your style of posting or to refrain from doing something altogether, please concede to the request. Disrespect toward moderators will not be tolerated. For any issues with a moderator, a private message (PM) must be sent to an Administrator.

2. Sponsors: Please respect TanTalk’s valued sponsors. All of TanTalk’s sponsors go through an approval process. For any issues with a sponsor of TanTalk, please PM a moderator or an administrator.

3. TanTalk allows one username per IP address.
For allowance of more than one username per IP address, you must contact an administrator. Without approval of more than one username, you will be removed or possibly banned from the site.

4. Industry Professionals forum: this forum is for Industry professionals only. Topics discussed in this forum are private. To become an Industry Professional, please fill out the registration form and allow 5 days to be approved.

5. Signature tags: Only site sponsors may display a signature tag. Please PM the TanTalk administrator to become a site sponsor. Email addresses may not be displayed in signature tags.

6. Foul language on TanTalk is not tolerated.

7. Please respect other site members. For any issues you may have with another member of TanTalk, please PM the moderator or administrator. Your message will remain private within the moderators and administrators of the site.

8. Advertising Rules: We offer many different forums of advertising. We also offer advertising programs to cater to your needs.

9. Tantalk.com is a privately owned site. A great site for people to gather information, make friends, and buy and sell products or check the latest and greatest of what the tanning industry has. Posting here is privilege. Please abide by all site rules and respect the TanTalk staff, members, and sponsors.

sunsally 01-16-2015 08:06 AM

Re: Tan Talk Rules, Guidelines and Principles
bump -- this was posted almost 6 years ago, but nothing significant has changed.

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