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There are a number of issues to think about:

1. Does the machine give you even results from head to toe? no stripes, no untanned pressure points, no poor face and leg tanning. Ask the salon staff about this, and expect even results.

2. Is the machine properly cooled for the user, some machines really are designed to cool the lamps only. No one wants to sweat or lay in sweat, to uncomfortable and you will need to towel off, then drive home and shower after your session, time consuming and will dry out you skin.

3. what is the lamp wattage used? some are more effective,
older and cheaper style machines use only 100 watt 800ma tanning lamps, the type used in home tanning beds.
The better machines use the 168 watt 1500ma lamps used in high end machines used in better salons. Some machines even use 170, 180 to 200 watt lamps. Again ask the salon staff what each machine uses. Any lamp 160 watt or higher will tan you evenly! and fast! with out excuses or upgrade fees.

4. Contact or no contact tanning? this is the style of machine, one you lay on an acrylic windows , full body contact, some people don't feel comfortable to have full body contact like that in a public setting, for hygienic reasons.
Some machines you have NO contact with the lighting surfaces at all, in a public setting this can be of importance from a hygienic stand point. Use the system you feel is most hygienic.

5. Speed of tanning, the lower wattage the less effective the lamps the longer { slower } your tanning session will be.
The more effective, the higher the wattage of lamps, the shorter { Faster } the session will be.
If you want to kill time and are not interesed in the tan, pick a slow cheap system but don't expect good tanning results or comfort from a cheap machine.

6. Do you have to make appointments?
this is a big inconvenience, most of the better salons will have invested in enough equipment to allow the clients to tan at will, it is best if you can just walk in and tan when YOU want! Who wants to try and fit their tanning schedule into 100s of other tanners, then try to remember and rush to get to your appointment, to find they still have to wait to tan!

7. Look for salons with staff that can
answer your questions.

8. The salon should insist on you wearing eye protection and sell a few styles so you can get the ones that fit you best.

9. The salon should sell lotions to help you get the best tan and skin care.

10. Don't fall for the bate and switch, did the price you got quoted on the phone provide you with that salons best, most effective machines or did they quote you prices for thier cheapest least effective machine to get you into the salon , only to find out you have to pay 3 to 4 times more for a machine that will tan you fast,dark and evenly.

Look for these things.
A salon that is honest, up front from the start! Speedy tanning {who wants to wait}, comfort, evenness of the tan, no sweaing, no appointments needed, and hygiene, also look for free parking and informed friendly staff.


Tanning Booths, for people that want only the very best.
Fast, Comfortable, Dark Tanning and Hygienic.
Don't get booth envy, get a booth.

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Chippp - All of the things that you listed are very important. But, I would like to add something.

Make sure that the salon you go to does a skin typing for you and recommends an exposure schedule for your skin type that coincides with the type of equipment in the salon.

If the salon is willing to let you go in the highest powered bed for the maximum time on your first visit, RUN don't walk out the door.
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my salon does all of these things..... I love my l'il Level 1 base beds with their new lamps....

I hate standup units. I lay down in a clean bed with 2 fans blowing on me and my choice of radio stations... I can waltz in any time I choose for a session and just lie back and RELAX. When the time is up, I'm a nice golden brown and I have a smile on my face.

It's funny that something so simple is so satisfying for me.....
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I'm with you... each one of us at the salon seems to have a different preference when it comes to which beds or units we prefer. My favorite is still the 20 minute beds. I like being able to get toasty brown so that clients can see you can truly get good color from our base units. Because they know they are my favorite my clients will often ask which bed I prefer. So... I settled on two that I love more than the rest.

I still tan in the upgrade units once in awhile to save time or to boost my color... but I love my 20 minute "vacation".
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Old 04-15-2002, 08:28 PM   #5 (permalink)
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unless I'm really working to break a plateau.... or treating myself..... I stick to base units.

I have been upgrading lately to super-powerful beds just because the salon is so crowded with prom kids. (and as a "regular" I hate having to wait now during the busy season! hehe) They tell me there's a 15 minute wait (and they have 20 base beds!!!) and I'm like "here's the $12, just get me in anything but a standup."

My family accused me of becoming African-American tonight so I guess I have to lay off the upgrades. hehehe

I miss my Level 1's.. hehehe can't wait for the proms to be over. heck, I can't wait for school to be over. SUMMER OFF!!! WOOHOO!!!!
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Well my family calls me to-tan-pam .. lol Im trying to lay off the tanning beds for a while... I said trying havent had any luck yet though
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Group question,
does anyone feel that continued long term Tanning (indoors) also produces the age lines as does the sun, will it happen regardless ?
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I think it will happen regardless but many lotions have ingredients that help with fine line. I know cal-tan does anyway.
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Old 04-16-2002, 08:26 PM   #9 (permalink)
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I think these lines are a combination of heredity and exposure.
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