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EFT Enrollment

I'm looking for professional advice on how to capitalize on an EFT club. The equipment I have is amazing, IMO, with Sundash 332's as level 1's, UWE Cayenne's and SunCapsule SuperSonic 220's as level 2's, an Ergoline Open Sun 550 as a level 3 and a Ergoline 650 as a level 4. I have some very good competition in my area that are leaders in the tanning business, once again IMO, so I'm doing my best and putting my heart and soul into my business for the past 5 years.
What I would like to do is increase my EFT club. I have barely any interest in it, and my enrollment is pathetic (maybe 15 people at various levels).

Here is my current EFT club enrollment details:
$20 start up, plus first month payment due at enrollment. 30 day written notice to cancel.
Level 1: $24
Level 2: $54
Level 3: $79
Level 4: $99
All members enrolled receive 25% off lotion any time.

- My first problem is I get people to enroll then they drop out after the first month or two by cancelling their credit card or changing the account number.

- I have no way of chasing people down if there card declines, so I'm curious how people pursue the payments.

- Also... I have customer who claim they submit in writing there request to withdraw from the EFT club to one of my staff members but I feel the customer is lying because they are trying to save themselves the soon to occur next debit and when I tell them "too bad; so sad" (in a softer way), they become irate and swear my business off.

I would really appreciate people's honesty. FYI, in the next few weeks I'm planning on replacing the Cayennes with Affinity 600's and the 650 with an 850 or 950. When I do that, I will offer a free tanning weekend and promote the **** out of my salon. I plan to waive enrollment fees for the EFT club that weekend.
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Re: EFT Enrollment

I gave a lotion that had the value of the enrollment fee.

Get a collection agency to go after those that cancel. Most people in the industry dont value their business and dont do anything about them.

I have a form they must fill out (says so in the eft agreement) at the salon and the staff person must sign it as well. Staff makes a copy and gives it to them. The big chain in my area makes them send cancellations to corporate via certified mail
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Re: EFT Enrollment

Efts used to be a plus for salon owners before everyone started letting clients cancell at any time, now they are a plus for the client, tan 1 or 2 months for cheap and then cancell! Make them sign a 4 or 6 month commitment!
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Re: EFT Enrollment

Welcome to the problems of EFT's. I started slow but now my EFT's are working for my business. I have exactly the same set up and cancel requirements you do. Every month at least 20-25 accounts delcine. Some come in and pay, others go through several days later and some customers never return. I feel as if I turn them over to collections, I will never get their business in the future. The enrollment counter balances the the delcined accounts. As for the customers that ask for refunds for "forgetting" to cancel, sometimes I'll put money into their prepaid account for future purchases, depends on their attitudes. I received letters from VISA reguarding customers disputing charges and everytime I've sent the contract form stating the rules, I've never had a reversal.
Try having a promotion with 50% off the enrollment or ask your monthly customers why they don't want to save money. If any customer's monthly package is about to expire, we'll waive the enrollment to keep them tanning. That'll keep them in at least two more months allowing you to sell more lotion!

Good Luck
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I'm Banned
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Re: EFT Enrollment

Would you be willing to send me a pdf copy of your eft form? I'm looking to start offering this to my clients But I wanted to see what the agreements would look like/ information they contain etc.
If so, you can send if to BeeTanHeath@gmail.com
Thank you
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eft club

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