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ITA Today Promoting Responsible Sun Care and Sun Burn Prevention. Founded in 1999, the Indoor Tanning Association today represents thousands of indoor tanning manufacturers, distributors, facility owners and members from other support industries.

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Re: The Official ITA Bemoaning Thread


Here is a great series.You can watch it for free until the end of today.Just watch episode 1 for the history of medical corruption.Then you will see what we and many other health providers are up against.

I read Mercola's emails every day.I also read the natural news every day.So I know what you are talking about.
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Re: The Official ITA Bemoaning Thread

You're right, that is an excellent series. Thank you for sharing that on this thread especially.

Even if peeps don't want to comment, they can post studies, or info here that would be helpful to have it compiled in one place. After all, there are plenty of non-members and Joe Public that lurk here and other forums that may not have been aware of any of this info. It's all about getting the info to them, in order for them to make their own decisions.

But even this series you posted shows that there are Dr's that are willing to come out of the closet, their not attempting to mask their identities in any way. Furthermore, it shows that a lot of them are giving up their MD's and practices in lieu of Naturopathic designations, due to no longer willing to harm, or even be restricted to Big Pharma treatments.

In the past, we did it the wrong way IMHO. We (without medical degrees), made medical statements about tanning bed health, vitamin D health, cancer cures, etc. Inevitably, we got smacked down by the big boys w/the deep pockets. Remember, the ITA, et. al., did not START out being defensive only. They WERE offensive, and law suits started flying & FDA's big hairy eyeball focused on us then the Derms began to unite, fund their organizations properly, utilized media, tapped into to the medical/pharma piece which effectively put an invisible, or not so invisible gag order on our industry.

In the meantime, the industry got smarter, tried to minimize the damage w/Smarttan, education for owner/operators/employees and especially the nail tech types w/a tanning bed that were willing to tell consumers anything to make a buck, lol. The ITA, et. al., had no choice but to become defensive, attempt to deal with lawsuits, politics, derms, meds, pharma, legislation, FDA, media, Joe Public and you name it… all while dealing w/a shrinking pool of tanners, distributors, manufacturers, salon owners and most importantly no funding. Of course they became defensive, of course they had to agree to concessions like under age tanning bans or the like in order to mitigate damages just to maintain the industry doors to be open. Our businesses. Do we like it? Of course not-but what can we expect with not enough bodies and funding? It is asinine to expect any other outcome.

Now what is different today is there are actual studies, done by actual medical degrees and actual Dr's with medical degrees that are coming out and not only disagreeing with the antisun propaganda, but are conducting studies, exposing manipulated/skewed studies and outright exposing the for profit agendas. The info is available now, where it really wasn't back then.

All we have to do is present it VERBATIM with the appropriate Dr., University, Journalist, or wherever the info is sourced. This means US as salon owners CAN and should be providing this info. We have been scared to do this after everything that's previously transpired and rightly so. But as long as we are copying this info that was put out by a medical degree, then the powers that be will have no choice to shut down the actual source, if they can. Bloggers and journalists do it all day every day. The web is convoluted with it. It's called freedom of speech. What freedom of speech does not cover is us making medical claims w/out a medical degree. What it does cover is copying written studies done by medical degrees. Just because we are in the industry does not exempt us from freedom of speech and the invisible gag order does not apply.

Instead of looking at it from a 'glass half full or half empty' perspective, shouldn't we be asking what's in the dang glass?!? REMEMBER…Big Parma, Corporations, Derms, Science, Medicine, Banks, Industries and even Politicians are nothing without Joe Public. Joe Public is the one necessary element for it all to 'go round'.

Reviewing all this research lately, another thing that I noticed is a lot of these studies and such have commentaries at the bottom. In these commentaries, there are peeps that are educated in prosun and replying, then you get uneducated Joe Public's that are passionately arguing against it strictly on the basis of sunscare kool aid with no factual basis whatsoever. Like, die on the cross arguing. The public is too busy and too lazy to educate themselves and rely on what has been provided to them by expert marketing that is being pushed down their throats. But, the fact remains that they are passionate, although misinformed. What would happen if they were informed? If they begin to question the kool aid?

We no longer have the luxury to proceed with the theory that this is an unbreakable Gestapo that the media will not report on. Even House of Tan's recent "Time to Strike" post showing CBS 60 Minutes exposed Big Pharma here:


This proves it can be done and there are always journalists out there trying to make a name for themselves.

The world is constantly evolving and people evolved with it to change it:
-Ending of slavery.
-*** marriage.
-Legalization of marijuana.

IMHO once again, I believe that we have a lot of brilliant minds on this site and TanToday. Some excel in certain areas. Off the top of my head, Don is an amazing researcher and Din is an amazing marketer. It looks like marketing is KTH&W's background as well. Tony is willing to donate some afreakinmazing PSA slots. I don't mean to overlook anyone, but just a quick point that we really need to utilize our resources!
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Re: The Official ITA Bemoaning Thread

Originally Posted by Tony View Post
Its an MP3
Great, how do I access it?
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Re: The Official ITA Bemoaning Thread

email me for them
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