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pasusie 04-08-2003 09:25 AM

Twilight teeth? Has anyone tried these?
Hi, I got a sample of Twilight Teeth mouth pieces, has anyone tried these, are they selling, and do they really work? THank you in advance for any input.

shawnchunn 04-09-2003 09:10 AM

I have never heard of them. How long have you had them? Can you tell a difference?

pasusie 04-10-2003 04:46 AM

I really have a hard time beleiving the uv light alone would tan your teeth, and can't imagine the marks on your face where the light don't hit, if one of these are in your mouth. They have a web site, check it out. www.twilightteeth.com
I personally think its not a good idea! Nor would it work??? Thanks.

bbmel23 04-10-2003 12:35 PM

I havent heard of it but i did go check it out. I dont really know how well that will work. I use nite white and sometimes i do wear the trays in the tanning bed. The uv light does help. That is what the zoom whitening system uses i believe

twilightteeth.com 04-13-2003 10:11 PM

Have you tried the mouthpiece yet since you received the samples? The UV light does bleach your teeth . . . the UVA intensity will determine how will it work, also it works different for each individual. Please note that UV light and peroxide is what was originally used for periodontal disease and is where whitening originated so the UV light is completely safe and effective. WE now have small mouthpieces for females or those with smaller mouth sizes that will not create any wrinkling in your face. We can send some samples of those if you want to try that.

JULIO 04-13-2003 10:53 PM

SCAM!!!!!!! If you want whiter teeth brush them with baking powder every day or give your dentist $500.
This mouth piece hold your lips out so the light can reach your teeth. You'll be drooling all over yourself. Must be hard times for The Twilight Tooth Company for them to be marketing a product that doesnt ven work.

pasusie 04-14-2003 05:19 AM

I got a couple samples that were very large. But I would like to try the samples that are smaller and wouldn't cause wrinkles. If UV light is what they use, why would they not work then. I'm not in the denistry field...but am curious. I was sent the samples cause I think I requested through a magazine perhaps??? But anyways, if they would send something I could try that could be more conveniencing, I would try them. But the samples that were sent were just too large and felt awkward. So if you the manufacturer are selling any, how sucessful have you been? What are your responses from users? Thanks again.

twilightteeth.com 04-15-2003 04:39 AM

Hello pasusie & everyone,

We sent the smaller samples to you today. Again UV light does have a whitening effect on teeth. Think of..... a bone in the desert. What color is it?
It achieves that color, or lack of in this case, over time because of the UV light. Granted you don't have time to get that much exposure but you get the idea. We were skeptical too. But, test with prototypes proved a success with just our mouthpiece and no gels or solutions!

We have had enough success with the product that we will be launching Twilightteeth platinum before the Las Vegas trade show. This will offer time tested and proven carbamide peroxide solution that will come in single dose (4 per kit) applicators with your twilightteeth mouthpiece. You will use the mouthpiece with one does of gel applied to your teeth per tanning session. Our minty gel is thermally activated by the heat generated by the Tanning bed. Together the UV light with heat generating from the same light, activate the carbamide gel to give you and your customer double whitening power!

Because the mouthpiece works well by itself, once you have achieved the whiteness you desire, you will use the mouthpiece by as a maintainer. Gel refills will be available through You the salon owner. We will be updating our website with the information links. But for now look up carbamide teeth whitening or whitening effects of Ultraviolet light on your favorite search engine.

FYI The biggest advantages of our thermal-carbamide gel is the accelerated whitening effect when exposed heat. What industry but tanning could you find a better environment for teeth whitening?

TIME: customers are already there, they already have time allotted, and now you can offer them more.

HEAT : Using our patented mouthpiece to expose the tooth surface and to heat the carbamide gel. What better way is there to achieve the professional results your customers need for under $20.00?

PRIVACY: In the future customers will make whitening teeth a part of their routine during their private tanning sessions.
Think of the potential!!

We are proud to offer the original Teeth whitening system for the Tanning industry. We will be in the Las Vegas Trade show. Booth 37 Hope to see all there,
All comments are appreciated.


jamieohrt 03-24-2009 09:47 AM

Re: Twilight teeth? Has anyone tried these?
I have tryed these twice I just got them .. they have the mouth piece and the solution that you put on your teeth that has a minty taste to it.. i really like it.. i have already noticed a difference.. the only thing i would say is don't lay on your stomach because you will slobber all over... but they do work very well

ctsalon 03-24-2009 01:57 PM

Re: Twilight teeth? Has anyone tried these?
we have been carrying them for over 3 years our clients and employees love them. you do not get lines on your face unless you yourself make a weird face, its doesnt stretch your mouth out that far. you get about the same results you would get with white strips from the store. when i went to my dentist he said my teeth looked fabulous and very white and this is what i used.

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