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solid 04-25-2001 03:27 PM

Tonight at 5:30 PM central on the CBS Evening News with Dan Rather they will be doing a story on Niagara (the little blue drink)Here is a link about tonight's CBS news: http://www.cbsnews.com/now/story/0,1597,15214-412,00.shtml And also tonight at 10:30 PM central on ABC Nightline will have a segment on Niagara as well. (This story may or may not be tonight).Be sure to check these shows out!!solid[This message has been edited by solid (edited 04-25-2001).]

solid 04-26-2001 09:13 AM

did anybody watch?

suntanning.com 04-29-2001 05:52 PM

Somebody killed a girl with blue liquid, but they said it was GHB, not niagra.I think the niagra folks should have their head examined for making the herbal product resemble the very illegal GHB (Date Rape Drug). Quote:Originally posted by solid:did anybody watch?------------------ http://www.suntanning.com [This message has been edited by suntanning.com (edited 04-29-2001).]

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