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I love Derf!!
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I believe that the new chat software is totally unprofessional and worst than the previous software for chat. I believe very strongly that this new software will promote the environment that lead to the problems were have “unprofessional” experiences on chat not stop them. 1) The Avatars Choices I believe that they are completely unprofessional for a business chat. The ability to choose pictures of a variety of women and men makes is sexist and demeaning it makes chat look like THE PUB from TT. The choosing of these pictures is demeaning to women and promote sexual talk in a business environment. The other symbols are just unprofessional and wrong in a business enviroment (beer, clown, devil, alien, heart, Washington, ..........). This chat was intended to be a professional place were we are all equal sharing ideas onhow to improve our business and interact together. This is now the PUB but worse!I believe we should eliminate the avatars all together. They were originally intended to allow “instant” identification of poster without having to read their name but every one chooses the same avatar (Sunday - half the people choose the planet avatar) destroying that idea.If we must keep this software with Avatars then the Avatar choices should become: abasic sun with the wording: Salon Owner, Lotion Manufacturer, Lamp Manufacturer, BedManufacturer, Distributor, Tanner, Anonymous, and personalized avatars that feature your logo. 2) The Screen Format:Is like buying a 96 inch TV then putting the show on a 19 inch block on the sidesurrounded by advertising. Why own a big TV if you are not using the majority of it forthe primary focus of the activity. Why is so much space wasted:1) Banners Ads 2) Display of who is on chat with massive avatars next to them3) Lots of thick borders with the name of the chat software provide 1/4 of the total chat area. (I thought we bought this, why is their name so big!) 4) The message writing area with line for attachment?5) The Avatar symbol of me? (Heck it is only being displayed in 2 other places, why notput it a third time.)6) The actual chat are that can only hold 6 messages before it scrolls.The old software was nice, clean with a large writing area that could be expanded to full screen, not limited to their size determined. As a sponsor, I am for removing the Banner Ads. I sponsor the chat to solve theunprofessional problems but to have a new software that makes them worst is simple abad choice. My banner ad is not that important, I did this as a public service not to paste my name 6,000 more times in front of customers.The names display are show R/A next to some names. Yes, this tells people that you are a room administrator. The problem is a new salon owner joins chat and looks at the list of names. 4 have R/A next to their name, 2 are sponsors, one is SYOP, one other has nothing, and them. Does it look like an evenplaying field for the exchange of ideas but an elitist club where everyone but you has aspecial avatar, title or sponsorship? Chat need to be inviting for new people to participate not a special club for insiders only.The entire screen needs to be redesigned! Is this software the only option? Should I put my web person of finding us a new one designed for business/professionalchat not some kids entertainment chat program. 3) The message writing ability!The new software has the ability for users to post pictures, files, URL’s, smiley faces and ability post other things besides words is unprofessional and takes way fromconversations to how has the latest new smilley face.Last Sunday, when I was on chat. It was dominated by one line smiley faces, nuclearexplosions, and post other than words. Yes, chat is to be fun but do we really need thesedetractions? Smilley faces sticking it’s tongue out with the wording “To Bob” is
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Wow Greg!I DO agree with you, the chat window is way too busy, it would be nice to make it more like the old oneMatt
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I will post the same thing here that I did at suntanning.comAs a woman, I do not feel degraded in the least! I like the avatars. It can sometimes help in identifying someones gender so you don't address them incorrectly. For example, until I put my first name in my signature line, many people thought I was male!As far as the banners go, it doesn't bother me in the least. It just reminds us of who sponsored it and made the chat possible!Just my 2 cents worth!
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I am missing something!This is very much like the older version with a "few" new features like messagingThe use of ubb and html was in the old version as well.I hate to be a party pooper but IF WE DO NOT GROW WE WILL BE PASSED BY AND DIE.I know that if this board was not a fun informative, interesting and entertaining place to visit no one would come here!I don't need a concentration camp chat room and I am sure no one else does.TOO BAD YOU FEEL THAT WE CAN'T MIX BUSINESS with a bit of humor.Like any other open forum for public chat EVERYONE KNOWS that the advertisers and operator are not responsible for the views of others on the chat board. People are not that dumb.Its insulting to peoples intelligent to suggest such.THIS IS NOT THE WORK PLACE AND IF IT WAS I WOULD NOT COME HERE, I all ready have a job to go to.This board provides a fun . "yes FUN" place to share ideas.I hope that doesn't change.LETS VOTE, WHO WANTS A black and white telex type chat? No graphics. No color. no BBS code. No html.No icons. No nick names. JUST BLACK TEXT ON WHITE BACKGROUND? http://www.heliospos.com/main.htm its already at this site.quote Greg Klesius "Should I put my web person of finding us a new one designed for business/professionalchat not some kids entertainment chat program." Go to the "helios" message board it sounds like what you want. http://www.heliospos.com/main.htm "my 2 cents worth."I never carried your lotions, I will not now!You don't fit in with the image our salon has of "a fun,fresh place to visit."You need to look at your dislike for "kiddies".They are your and our future clients!Professionalism does not equal boring in an on line chat room.People can forgive almost anything, but they can't forgive boring.
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TESTE teste[ 06-19-2001: Message edited by: Rogério ]
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Chippp, we're not refering to TanTalk, this is about the TanLovers.com chat
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never mind!
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Greg,You need to sponsor TanChat. It sounds exactly like what you are looking for!Who would like to see Soakin Up The Rays sponsor TanChat?
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