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I have to be honest with everyone out there in cyber world.

What I am about to say is not going to be very popular with a few folks in Tanning,However I talk it straight and People expect that from me.

All companies expressed in this post Are outstanding vendors that have been serving us for a many years and I am sure for many years to come.{Maybe}

What is expressed here is protected under our Great constitution of the good ol USA.

If you do not like Harsh types posts Please Stop here and DO NOT READ THIS.

I HAVE HAD A few changes of mind this past year for our Industry and When I am wrong I raise my hand and take the Foul LIKE A MAN.

Not a Kiss *** Punk like A FEW are in tanning.

Here it goes Read with cauation.

Nothing in this post is to be said to be the 100% Truth. Only specualtion and Insight and Rumors.

The Sales folks and Looks and overall attitdudes SAID it ALL.

Not to mention How they looked physically,You can tell a lot about a person on thier own Well being.

Many didnt look to good.

Overall Turnout they claim was 2000

AHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHA More like about a 1000 a best.

Opening floor show night I got there at 5:00pm and You could shoot a Tanning bed thru there and Hit NOBODY.

Tanning is shrinking The vendors at best are making ENDS meet.

Its A SAD Siutation for many and for US guys that are STILL Building WE are building with More Wits and Gameplans then ever before.

Huge Stores are going to Get Hit the hardest this year coming up.Less and less tanners and more Smaller stores coming and coming and coming.

WOW I cannot beilive I just said that.

See even .Com changes.

Thats scary.

The Idea of opening up 30-50 bed stores in ALL Major markets will NOT WORK.

Tanning is NOW Going back to the Old school Days of smaller stores Bigger beds Higher pricing and MAJOR Lower overhead.

A great 10 Bed setup Correctly Will now Give a 30 bed store A true run for their money.

Its funny how an Industry can CHANGE SO Quickly.

Growth is stil the Key for All of US major players that want market share.

However as cities get bigger and more populated people are driving less and less and Will go were its fastest to get to and Not Drive 15 miles to save 15.00 bucks.

THE Tanning Show.......


Batter up, Here comes Susan and her Pc team.

Live beds to tan in and lots of Intrest in the beds Her booth was busy WITH LOOKERS I didnt say buyers I said Lookers !!

P90 Was busy being used Was it being bought I dont know. In todays tanning market DO you want to chance 36 grand or buy 2-3 160 watt VHR beds to run numbers thru ??????

Once again the debate of HP vs 160 watt beds ?????

UWE as a whole in germany is Not doing anything. There production is down to 3 days a week working and layoffs in the past year have been good size.

DO not look to see any new beds from them anytime soon. They have large invetory sitting and sales are good as expected for this tide of Up"s and downs in tanning.

Look for UWE in germnay to run into some problems very soon.Their Europe sales and Next to Zero.

However Susan is a True surriver and Will weather it thru.

Ps The sunboard XTT Really does work well,And not to mention Pc has a Awesome Support team Bruce williams is the Best.


By far in the worst position of ANYONE None of their beds are being build in any one factory EVERY BED BUILT IS Sub out to different vendors throught germany.


This company will be gone in less the 2 years at best.

In the US market they have had a decrease of over 30 % in sales.

Once again do you want to spend 300k for 13-15 beds ???????

True Twan and Karen are nice folks But Nice doesnt make money.

You will see them Selling someone NEW Very soon.

Keep in mind there are Both very smart and Will come thru somewhere.

Tan america

Peter is old and Grumpy and Cindy is still the Nicest person In tanning.

Another company that could be sold on the buyers market Soon.

Solid following Solid sales force and Great After the sales Folks.

Matrix line has Done well in this market they have gotten the Heat problem"s under control for now in the beds.

Once again a Solid company.But the owner is Tired and Tanning can do that to you after So many years.

Look for a couple of New items Maybe in Nashville !!!!

Sun Ergoline

Want a TV Buy an Ergo bed You watch cable and your favorite shows in it all day.

AS it takes all day in it to get a TAN.

Another huge underlining going on there.

Bed sales in Europe are flat, Close to 200 layoffs in the last year alone.

However the Ergo maching made SO much money in the 1990"s That it will weather thru and the Soltron line is keeping par with the Ergo line.

Of course as EVERYONE knows there was a huge shakeup this past year there.

I know that comes as a suprise to ALL OF YOU in Cyper world.

Nothing new in beds besides a TV and 7 grand extra for it.

Booth was busy thu as always AS much as I HATE to Admitt it. They have there Niche in the USA.

Great looks and the company Does promote tanning Strong for all us.

If you want a Great looking bed Buy them.

If you want to Actually Tan people Look around a bit more.

Word around the campfire is that in Europe there are so many used Ergo"s around you cant count that High.

Once again Only speculation thu :}}}}}


Willem fables ahahahhaahahahahahhaha

2nd wealthest man in Tanning next to Walter kratz and the Ergo Darth vader empire.

Finally they re-did the sunburst line and it looks Really Good.

There turbo 25000 Will Cook You to death Nothing in the Combo world EVEN comes close.

Ultrasun is 100%% Debt Free and worldwide They are number 1 in Russia and poland.

Number 2 Worldwide next to Ergo.

Yes they will come back around in the next year or Two.

A true Dutch ran company. Nothing Ego about them. If you like them you buy it If you dont Oh well.

Strongest 160 watt beds in the market Period.And their Facials cannot be touched by anyone.

Look for the Good ol Jim peek days to be coming back around SOON...............

Keep in mind in 96,97,98,99,They were Number 1 in the USA.

History Always repeats Itself............


Hey Jerry deveny is over there.

Cant be all that bad can IT ???????

I must admitt there NJOY bed is Nice.

Small enough to fit in a OK size room and only needs a 40 amp breaker.

Not too shabby for a HP bed You can make money with this bed for sure and for the Price IT CANNOT BE TOUCHED.......

I suggest taking a peek at them if You are shopping for New beds and Looking to save a few bucks.

Royal sun.

Hey Tim mcquay is a smooth operator.

The Richard Gere of Tanning.

His line is solid and it Tans well.

His niche markert is Newbies by far For most of US true Vets WE dont buy royal sun.

However its a Solid company ran by Him and Danny and these Guys Know tanning.

Their new yellow HP bed hmmmmmmmmmmm

ITS BIG .....................

Enough with beds

Lets get to the Good stuff The stuff WE All love to Hate.

Cal Tan vs Mystic tan ..........


I never Visted the Cal tan booth at all period.

I carried their line all this Season about 90-95 % Cal tan with some JA in the mix.

However the CAL TAN Train could be in some trouble ???????

Max recone is the True P.T Barnum of tanning bar none.

However as much as so many of us love him to death and consider him a Friend Inculding MYSELF..........

THEIR LOTIONS Are SUB PAR at Best And that is Being Nice......

There I said it I know it hurts But the Truth is the Truth .........

How can a company of less then 6 years being Designer Skin BEAT THEM AND BEAT THEM BAD .........

The Cal tan team needs to be FIRED.

Now with this being said Max Maybe could rework his New team into something that is TRULY Worth wild.

There line this year was terriable with all Distbs that I know personally most couldnt sell any of it at all.

Most would not sign contracts and Most will never sign contracts with them ever again.

Many Cal tan salons under contract are NOT HAPPY WHY ?????????

I well tell you WHY ........

There is MAX and Then there are the rest of the CAL TAN Flunkies and they suck.

Harsh words for Harsh Times ..........

With all this being said Max could turn around his Company by instilling NEW BLOOD AND People that are actually CREATIVE, AND BETTER YET HAVE A Nice way about themsleves ????????

You dont take a lotion company and Now ride the UVA Free market on it ?????

Lotions built the Cal tan Name......

Great lotions and Great Ideas were the Cal tan tradition for many years.

AS I walked thru the Horseshoe Poker room and seen the CAL TAN Posse I just shook my head in Disgust as siting around the table were all the Flunkies {Not all but many} that make Tanning a JOKE.

Max you need NEW Friends and ESP new BLOOD IN YOUR COMPANY.


Can Cal tan stop the Mystic machine with the Auto bronzer. Time will tell.

I do know this a year ago all Installers with mystic were doing 18-20 a month Now its 6-8 a month ???????

I will give Cal tan its props on its Juice ITS THE BEST OUT THERE BY FAR FOR NOW.

Lotion wise they are Number 3 at best.

The lawsuit with Mystic is going to get bloody .....Mystic is now claiming they are going to slam Cal tan Hard.

How I dont know the Auto bronzer is Nothing like their Mysitc"s.

I guess a Texas court room will decide.

Here is a lotion company that has about 15 employees and I am guessing with that number at best.

Here is a lotion compnay that I dont even carry in my stores. DO I NEED A MRI ?????

Here is a company that has been around less then 6 years ?????

THEY ARE NUMBER 2 And Cal tan aint Number 1.

Brad has done something that Nobody can figure out at all ???????

I will tell you his Secret ........


If you buy one bottle or 1000 bottles He is Happy.

People like that people like the fact that a company gives them freedom to be themselves.

But most of all People like Fresh and exciting Idea"s Stuff that sells........

This is TANNING NOT Dillards ............

DS Brings all of it to the table .

Yes there booth was small, BUT Brad carries a Big stick and EVERYONE KNOWS IT !!!!!!!!!!!

Nashville will prevail even more for them.

When you are the son of God .......

You can do no Wrong at all.

Number 1 again and there Rebate program is the best by far in the business Nobody comes even close to it.

Once again Trevor pulls out his magic and the Tricks worked.........

How he does it no one Knows .....

Number 4-6

Terri katz is slowly coming back and Fiji will make it thru.

Synergy tan is coming on very STRONG Look for a Strong showing in Nahsville.

Supre is BACK ALSO........

J A Frank is trying darn hard I hope he get"s thru it all.........

Spray booths ...........

You need one PERIOD ...........

Which one to buy ????????

He is your answer to it .

Whomever has the BEST after the sale service BUY FROM THEM.

This new season is only a few months away Watch your bottom line.
Watch your employees Good.
DO your research.


There are some REALLY good one"s They will Help You.

In Tanning its US Against them.

Its not about Team or posse and Who is in the IN Crowd

That dont mean a darn thing


A good friend of mine Mike blore Use to tell me all the time. I do what"s best for My company and Family I use to laugh at him for saying that.

HE WAS RIGHT...........

See ya next time ...........



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I'll get back to you on this after I read it.
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I love Derf!!
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It's sorta humorous, though, to hear the outlook of an industry based upon a show. However, you may be right.

I'd say the show sucked for the distributors (who had a booth, I put in an order for several machines from a large distributor who DIDN'T ante up a booth..I'd say they did well). But for the salon owner looking to make some choices now (and can't wait till TN), it was good. You had plenty of time, and weren't overloaded. We tanned in an S-class, Matrix L33, and Magic 636. Let's just say the choices are now made for my new HP (and I'm even thinking of ripping out our old UB818 to put in a new one there too). I got to walk up to all modular walls and give them a serious shaking....choice made there. Got to meet Terri Franssen and scores of other people. Long conversations with the gas prices more than offset by the knowledge learned. Hey! Even got to meet the owner from the salon who just moved in next door (and his whole family).

Day One may have been light, but the first day of a Wednesday show usually are in Consumer Electronics, Security, Garage Door Openers and Home Integration industry shows as well. Thursday was pretty heavy with us not being able to get into a few beds to check them out (S-class, for example).
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Jonny, care to share any feedback on the modular walls?
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I think the new Mystic Booth was pretty interesting. Besides that there was nothing else new to look at
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Not an ETS bed user, but have been saying for years, look out for them. These guys are giving the euro imports a run. They have DEEP pockets, are well managed and offer the best industry related produts from software, lotions and high performance equipment. So what they sell to the home market. GM sells cabs to taxi fleets and auto dealers are not hurting.

With the european economy on the slids, the labor force heading towards a depression, you may soon see the only true survivors coming from North America: ETS and Tanses.

Agree on UltraSun's appeal. I said when Jim Peek left, it was the best thing Holland ever did was taking over USA control of their product line. The Beds are superb..and they come without the leg relaxer (The Chi) and the TV (ErGO)..gimmicks that add $$$ to production and cost.

Well said, .com

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Thanks for the report on the show. I love it when people talk straight up!!!!!!
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Beach Club Tans,

The three I really looked at were Structures, affiliated with Tan America up in NorCal, EuroWalls and TanWalls.

TanWalls: Great for a budget. These were our pre-show choice and so we were going to see how they looked all set up. We had seen them at their factory in Orange County, but not really in a "multiroom" set up. They are a foam-centered construction with a laminate outside. They do have a solid wood as a single choice, but the rest are foam centered. We spec'd out a 1500 sq ft place with about 13 rooms at high $10k. Large 4' long panels are held together by vertical channels, which is not the strongest choice of these 3.

EuroWalls: Other end of spectrum. Very, very solid, and very very expensive. The sales people were too busy to talk to customers a majority of the time we came by. It was a little frustrating and you'd think that when you mentioned putting in an order next week (now this week) they'd be more responsive. You can't go wrong with them, but they're expensive and may not be as responsive (time wise or friendliness).

Structures: Equally as solid as Eurowalls. They are our "post show" choice, so I should be able to tell you in 9-15 weeks my initial installation impression of their walls. They also do very nice cabinetry, so you'll get nice front desks from them and can get custom. I met the family that runs this business and they're very friendly. The styling is a little different than Euro, but also very similar. Euro seems to be trying very hard to be chic, but Structures are classy and simple.

In terms of types of construction, Struct and Euro were identical to the untrained eye. 2' by 4' sections, slid down along vertical channels, with horizontal pieces seperating them. Extremely solid. Panels were solid core as well. Both came with European door locks, which my wife has always preferred (she was stationed in Germany for a few years in the Army).

I won't claim to be an expert, but these are my observations from spending about 15-20 minutes with each, and then a little longer at Structures to cement a deal. Euro was $30s for the 1500 sq ft, 13 room, and Struct was mid teens ~$15k for the same.
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Kool to hear you to go for the little guys...FOR ONCE...
AND we are still kickin....
LOok OuT Big BOYS here comes the mom and pops...

KEySEr...finally something worth reading...
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