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pinkprincess 12-06-2004 12:26 AM

I've been tanning off and on for years and at times I will break out in white spots one time went to the dr. and got selenium sulfide lotion then not too long ago I got spots on my back and used selsun blue as a body wash just on my back and they went away well... there back again and the shampoo isn't working any suggestions?? I've heard of tinea versiclor what's best to use to get rid of these spots and do I need to stop tanning?

Neon Beach 12-06-2004 07:18 AM

This topic has been covered before, use the search function, and see what you come up with.

Several companies make products to get rid of sun spots, it that's what theyare this time, one of which is called Arrest. MOST Sun Spot Exfoliant works. Use "Halt" by Norvell or "Wipe Out" by Body Drench. Both work well when you follow the twice daily directions.


pinkprincess 12-07-2004 02:39 AM

ok thanks...

Neon Beach 12-07-2004 07:51 AM

If you don't find what you're looking for, come back and ask some more.

engfant 12-07-2004 10:27 AM

or try a potato peeler.

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