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Old 09-30-2003, 09:06 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Its funny I start a post on why Franchise Tanning is going to be the Killer in this industry and in the same breath of fresh Air I have claim they are going to Help so many of Us in such ways that we could never dream.

I guess I AM going to have to spell this out for all the Idiots that do not understand this concept of business.......

And when I am done Even Sheila with her 6 bed store that amounts to nothing will have no Logical reply to this at all, And my case will be made and heard once and for all.

Indoor tanning has been a very unique business since its conception in the late 70 "s for the most part yes we can back a bit further but who is really counting.

It was a business that saw a great deal of underdeveloped business folks enter it and make lots of money in a short amount of time ESP when the early 80 "s rolled around anyone with a store of any kind was cashing in huge :}}}}}}

And then the bust late 80 "s early nineties saw tanning becoming very stale in a lot of markets around the country the owners that cashed in 5 to 10 years previous were now either out of it or getting out or shutting down.

The mid nineties came thru Tanning was alive again the High pressure beds were catching back on more younger folks with a lack of a good business plan where coming back into the industry Full speed ahead it was everyone wanted to get back into the once dead tanning business big beds high tanning prices and lots of profits with little training if any at all ,,,,,IT WAS ALL GOOD ......

That was then in a basic Nutshell

This is Now
And listen very closely Because no one is going to tell You how it really is but myself because. Why You say No one else is going too and I do care For a lot of people in this industry wither You want to believe me or not, AND not to mention There is not one single person or company in this industry that threatens mine at any level, You can take that to the Bank .............

The time is now for big business to make its move on You THE Little Guy

Look around ,,,,,,Bigger stores Bigger beds Bigger and more lavishing buildouts,Cheaper Tanning pricing ,,,,,Big bed companies getting behind selected chains and franchises ,,,,,

Hello Mcfly IF YOU cannot see this handwriting on the wall YOU ARE An IDIOT.

DO you think that once corporate America Gets in, They are Leaving, If you think that I have some land to sell You in Japan ........

They are here in full stride making arrangements making deals getting and grabbing locations at least the one "s that are worth anything, That are left to grab which isn't really all that much at least I feel that way unless of course they are going into very light markets of which I do not know of any ?????

In the End You will wake up very soon in the next 36 months or less and Say WHAT HAPPENED TO ME .....And its going to Happen to You and me and everyone else out there ,,,,,,,The Mom and pop Killers are coming for ME AND YOU and they take No prisoners.

They have lots of money and they have no morals on who they crush or run out of business all they care about is the bottom line, It makes no difference who works there counters Tanners have no regard for Your store NO MATTER WHAT YOU MIGHT THINK ,,,,,,They go where its convenient and cheap and good Beds.

I know some of you very small owners want to think not,,,You think that Your service is so great and You are such a good person and know everyone by first name

They well leave You maybe not this season maybe not even next season but they will leave You .......If this wasn't the case there wouldn't be so many salons that open or expand Think about that ......

And some of say well what about the not so big guys who have less then 20 store ,,, DO you think WE are going to sit back and take it **** no we won "t ,, WE will fight them to the end Just like You ,,,, However the difference is WE have more money more stores and more buying power then You ,,, IN return You will lose This is business, This is how it works, Can You go out and lease a 24 to 3000 sq. foot building in a major market and pay top rent, NO YOU CANT, I can and so can corporate America.

You see the aim they are taking is this ,,,,,ALL markets and market conditions change, Some area trade areas that were Hot a couple of years ago have now cooled off ....People move and are always looking t move upwards in life not backwards so where Your once 200 grand a year store is Now ,,,, In 3 Will be 125 grand in certain areas Not all but a lot, And guess what Who will be in the new developed trade area "s Not You ????????

Big tanning is not going to close You down this year coming or even next year However by year 3 the impact is going to be felt at a Huge level unforeseen ever in this industry For sure .........

They said 30 years ago when Mom and pop diners where everywhere that franchises stood no chance at all, they couldn't deliver the goods and service.

What happened to Mom and Pop ???????
They are gone because they didn't listen and the same concerns and questions they stated WE are doing now in Tanning ........


Not to mention all the big regional players Like darque tan who are doing listening agreements do You think Robbie is in business to PAY YOUR RENT HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA....I think not. He is just an example nothing more so do not take this out of context and run with it Big mouth .......

SO what is the answer to the million dollar question .........

Why should I tell any of You ,,,,,,I owe You nothing and You owe me nothing?

You think posters like ME are a joke or are using scare tactics But am I ??????

There isn't one item on this above post any of YOU can say isn't true at ALL.....

AND if you do or Can You are dead already and just do not know it as of Yet.

Tanning is changing and is changing Faster then You think

I would wish You luck but its obvious that so Many of You on here Know so much more then I do ........

The life of .COM it is a very sick and twisted one I must admit

But I do not KNOW any other way ...............

Regards Ps Hey big mouth how is my spelling on this post :}}}}}}
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Much Better My Love . . . I am almost sliding off my chair with excitment.

Now ~ let's work on your Math, shall we?

It is 8 beds that amount to nothing .... that is 4+4 or 5+3 or 10-2 (you get the drift).....

You want to make a case.

And be heard.

WHY? Because you LOVE them????

skrew you.

Yes - there are a TON of FACTS in your post. I have been living with that for the past 4 years .... Not wanting to ever be more than a small operation - no more than 15 units~ I used to fear what you are shoving down their throats...

I am advising them not to worry about things THEY cannot change.

The T-Rex was amoung the first to Die off.... and the Mouse is still around laughing about it my friends .....

McDonalds, Burger King, Hardees.... Closing off stores every day of the week.....
Franchise owners have to own more than one just to make a decent (recordable) ching. and you want to sell to the kiddies that BIG, WELL FUNDED, I got* you GOT NOT scare stories

Get the skrew over yourself.

This industry is EVOLVING.... it is growing and it is getting BETTER at some things... the only thing you and I really agree on is the need for the sh*tshacks to get gone..... (and I did catch your double edge post - did you catch mine???)

[b]IF what you claim is the future of tanning comes to pass.....

Sh*tshacks will survive ~ cause bottom feeders out number those that value quality.... and the MegaMonolithicTanOshama will be like getting laid by the blowup doll w/ tassels.... not really a GREAT experience.

So Kiddies ~ we are ALL in the process of DIEING....

Do you sit and whine about it?

So you allow some A-hole to dictate to you when you should throw up the White Flag?

Not me....

Me and my 4+4 , 10-2, 1+2+4+1 beds will be giving some SASSY tanning to clients that VALUE what I do
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Well, Well, Well, the mom and pops have made this country what it is today. Most mom and pops retire with alot of the money in hand or the market that make the corporate world what it is today. So I say...I like being a mom and pop, cause one day, I will be able to fund the big timers. I dont worry about tomorrow for tomorrow never really comes only today.
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If I was a major industry giant in the market why in the **** would I want to place a 30 bed salon in a small mom and pop area? Do you really think that there will be enough of a demand in these markets for them to even look at us mom and pops.

It seems to me that you guys in the bigger markets with all of your beds and money are the ones in trouble. You are going to have to go head to head with these giants and spend all of your easy money on keeping yourself afloat. Not us!

After the giants eat you feel free to come tan at the mom and pop out in the small town.
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Mom And Pop store are becoming obsolete.
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See here's what doesn't make sense. These franchises are backed by bed manufacturers correct? And they are going to have the biggest and best equipment? And I'm assuming that if the beds will be exclusive then the lotion and any accessories will also be exclusive. Well, there are hundreds of different manufacturers out there. Maybe a dozen (at the most) will be opening these "life threatening" super salons. What happens to all the others? Is ETS going the way of the Dodo because they only sell good "beginner" beds and sell to places that will be gone in the near future? My problem with your statement is that the buck stops at mom and pop. M&P are the only salons that have the ability to be flexible with their equipment, salon set up, lotions, etc. The franchises are even carrying private lable lotions. Bye Bye lotion manufacturers that don't private label? Bye Bye any bed manufacturer that doesn't franchise? You are talking about a tanning market crash of '06. What about the media response (FOX) to the market getting flooded with giant tanning places that have the money to run ads on TV and radio on a consistant basis? We are on the brink of heavy regulation and this could bring it on. Seems that if this is actually to happen no one will be tanning.
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keyser, you are a joke!!! we sit here and laugh at you and your stuck up self. you are scared and you are the only one scared. stop trying to bring us down to you stuck up, big headed, sh*ty consept level. At this point I would put my money on any small sh*t hole over yours. You are the one that is f***ed in the head if you think that customers are not loyal. my prices are 3x higher, but They get the best customer service ever. the place down the road has a month unlimited for $9.99 and they are dead. you have somthing coming to you if you don't think that is true. you get what you pay for some will want 18.88 mo unlimited bad service and rushed But most want friendly nice people that remember there name and it is a great place to relax even if it is 3X the price. If you don't agree you are missing out in some big money. you need some help and you need a confidence boost. dont put others down until you have yourself under control
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i would not worry about the bigger chains. as long as you have a little money to put up a competitive salon, then you should be able to compete. currently i own a chain of stores in the midwest. i compete with hollywood tans, la tans, planet beach, and the tanco and still my salons have no problem averaging $534,000 yr. the smaller stores can still compete! grant it, my average salon is 22 beds.
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Kiddies.... no need to hiss at our boy Keyser .... we ALL have different geographical conseqenses.... he is NOT in a small town, and his competition is frustrating him with their 'shi*shack behaviors' .....

Let us assume:

There will be needs for Both Types.

What you have to decide is what YOU WANT to be as a service provider. If you have plans of owning multiple salons ----> work towards that *understand that you may lose some control *may not be able to be as 'intimate' with the clients * but happy to make it a BUSINESS and less of a service....

The premise that you NEED to be Multi and LARGE to survive is just Keyser's opinion.... You are free to think it stinks

The facts remain .... as seen here on the board and out in the real world of tanning .... that some people just don't give a rats *** about doing THIS the right way. They have a plan and that means every day they will make some cash.... and spend it on Krispy Kremes an Beer.....

Those of you getting the most P*i*SS*ed at Keyser are more than likely the ones that WILL survive the holocaust of Franchise - Corporate Back salons. . . . cause you are servicing a nitch that clients need.

Remember T-Rex.... he eventually ate all his playmates.... and died of starvation . . .

The little guys survived ....

We have much more to be worried about with Auntie Tan and her evil Sisters Auntie Everythings....
they REALLY DO MEAN to shut you down.
Keep your eyes on that target.

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seems to me, SOMEONE needs a life..
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