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I have had quite a few new customers come in and after I tell them the price of their first tan..they say "What..the first tan's not free?"
So here is my gripe..I do not go to a new beauty shop and see if I can get my first cut free, or try out a new dentist in town and assume that my first cleaning is free or let alone order a pizza and think that they are delivering it free of charge and the pizza just happens to be on the house..

So why is it that people come right out and ask this question..Oh the nerve and plus I think that it is completely rude for anyone to ask for anything free!
How many of you do give out your first tan free? I have never heard of such a thing..but hey if it works for you..run with it..but not here..ever..because if they never come back I am out of the $$ and that eventually adds up..


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I'm Banned
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My feelings exactly! I get about one of these calls a week. Sometimes I say 'yes with a minimum $45 lotion purchase.' That shuts them down. Also love, 'what specials are you running for spring break?' EERRGGH! I tell them if they are looking for a cheap tan they probably need to go somewhere else but if they want a great, long-lasting tan and personalized service they should check us out. We are priced very competitively. It's just that the spring break tanners who come in for only one month a year act like we owe them a favor for coming in. Don't get me wrong, I do appreciate them. It is just that we need our year-rounders to make it through.
Hang in there Christina! Think I'll go order my free pizza!

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I love Derf!!
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Many salons do this and it has gotten the tanners thinking that we all do it. What I do is about 3 times a year I run a Free Friday Customer Appreciation day. I tell them that is their chance to get their free tan to check us out. I also have business cards with a free visit on it, that I hand out at my discresion.
This week a girl came in with a card from a very close competitor of mine. It had 2 free tans on it. I said this isn't us, but if you will give me that card I will let you tan free today. It worked and she bought a package after tanning.
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Waiting Confirmation
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Yep, same here. Never a free first tan. Mitzi is right - there are salons out there that do this. It's part of their sales technique. But I don't see how they make any money doing. Cuz you're right - those free tanners rarely return - they're just looking for what they can get for free. OOOOH it's so irritating! Then again, people have these strange pre-conceived notions about "tanning salons". That we're this bargaining warehouse. I've seen salons that don't have a price sheet, they just work a deal out when the person walks in the door. They see how they're dressed, what they're driving, how they appear (rich or not), and then they verbally give them a few options to choose from. I get people like that, they come in (I don't know them from Adam), and they start with, "what kind of deal are you gonna give me?" I hand them the price list and say, "these are the deals - I don't do 'deals'".
If I can, I will explain to them HOW they CAN get a free tan. 1) Our referral program is they get 1 free high-pressure or 2 free VHR tans for every 2 people they refer. 2) Buy a $100 or more gift certificate for a friend and get a free tan for yourself.
I'm the salon that gives out all the freebies (lotions, sunscreen, after-tan spray, etc.) so when they get all pouty about no free tans, I just remind them of what I DO offer for free!
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Yes first tan free after they purchase a membership.
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its funny u guys are talking about this topic, im going to give you a "loyal tanning customers" opinion. My month at my friends salon is going to be up in the beginning of March. There salon is not very impresive, no super laydowns, only 5 base and 1 Starship, thats it. But all of my friends manage/own/work at the salon, so i would go there loyally.

I really wanted to see what other tanning salons are out there, i was looking through the phonebook and came across "Desert Sun" and a coupon next to it "Free Tan 2 New Customer" i thought wow, i will def. try out this salon, without having to pay 8.00 for a single session, if I had to do that i would of payed for a month unlimited while visiting the other salons in my area. Well I went to the salon and was greeted by a handsome gentleman (the owner) and boy was he nice! I assumed the coupon was only for the base beds, he told me to try any bed I wanted ( I chose a Mega Laydown 12 Minute. WOW! I was so impressed with the salon and everything, Im goin back tomm.

My point therefore is, sometimes by offering the first tan free w/ a coupon not TOO MANY people abuse the privledge. And if your salon is as good as you hope it to be, they will be back. Hopefully.
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We run a special where we give a FREE tan to our clients if they renew or upgrade their package before or on the day of their last tan session.

Clients love it, and it entices them to purchase another package. Everyone likes something FREE...
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Old 02-27-2003, 11:35 PM   #8 (permalink)
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Giving a free tan for first time clients in the bed of their choice is simply a numbers game, if you think you're losing money by 1st tan free, think again. If one out of fifteen clients purchase an intro offer after their free tan, that covered your cost for the other fourteen freebies and you've retained a future client. You don't get a second chance to make a first impression, look at the big picture and simply deal with the freebies, it will pay off.
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Old 02-28-2003, 08:51 AM   #9 (permalink)
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couldn't agree more spectrum! the first impression is the most important!
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I'm soooo glad this has been brought up!! I think this "first tan free" thing has gotten out of control with the consumers. I completly agree with both Bronzebabe and Pamtan. In my area, its gotten so bad that people are running specials for 5 free tans (no time limit)!! How can they make any $$$? And not to metion the fact that its not how crazy the bed looks, its all in the lamps! Another salon could have a really nice base bed w/ pretty colors on it, but if their not keeping up w/ the lamps, whats the point in going - cuz it looks nice? And, I also agree with Spectrum that first impressions mean everything, but shouldn't that be in the quality of service and how educated we are? I think the ideas posted here have been great for the "first time free" - but for someone to walk in the door and just expect it?
Can you tell I have been frustrated with this;) Sorry if I vented, it just makes me so mad!
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