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Ezliving_Jim 06-11-2002 04:11 PM

Who cares about the ITA?

Members of the ITA (in any sector of the membership):

Do you care that as an ITA member, you only have a vote on 20% of the seats on your BoD?

It is a fact that ITA members have NO SAY and NO VOTE on 80% of their BoD?

Members, do you care?

MJ 06-11-2002 11:29 PM

Apparently not JIm...
Even if we did would it make a difference?

Ezliving_Jim 06-12-2002 02:56 PM

Yes, it does make a difference.

This industry is being represented by a trade association where it's members, regardless of sector, have NO SAY and NO VOTE on 80% of the BoD.

I believe that can change.

Brenda at Eye Pro 06-16-2002 07:57 PM


I personally LIKE the way the ITA board voting is set up.

Do you want me as a vendor to pick YOUR salon representative? I don't think so.

The ITA board is set up so that salons pick their representative, since salons know best who and what representation they want on the ITA board.

It's assumed that the distributor members know the distributor candidates better than any other people in the industry and will choose the best distributor sector candidate accordingly.

For example, do you know Doug Tiffany of Tan Systems well enough to vote for/against him? I'm guessing not. But I can guarantee you there is not a distributor in this country that has not spent lots of time with Doug and knows Doug well enough to vote for/against him as their representative.

Remember, once on the ITA board, salons get two votes to every one vote of any other sector.

I'm a little confused as to what fault you find with this system, can you clarify?

Brenda Fishbaugh

Sheila in Minnesota 06-17-2002 12:36 PM

Brenda ~ all candidates send out bios yes???

Atleast I remember getting a ton of information on the prospective board members.

If you are stating that salon owners are not smart enough to understand the 80% of the board . . . then we should not be allowed out of our huts.

I know MORE about you vendors then I do about the thousands of salon owners out there.

I also feel that WE ALL deserve an EQUAL voice if we are to be treated equally . . . .

I am not suprised how you view this . . . .

I would be surprised if you felt the opposite ~

you want what's best for the industry that allows you to sell to a large captive audience ~ the ITA has helped to achieve this via Trade Shows and Online has helped too.

But you are concerned with the level of competency of those with the heart to try to improve the industry . . .

you have clearly stated that some salon owners are not . . . ummmm . . . competant to (find our own butts never mind ?) start a NAC.

Sorry Brenda - you will take this as an attack . . . . perhaps you should. But it is a response to a stimuli . . . . and whispers . . . .

Changes are NEEDED.

I hope JIM is able to help us make them.

I hope the ITA and the industry are eventually able to work together to acheive our goals.


Ezliving_Jim 06-17-2002 01:07 PM

Brenda: Thank you for the opportunity to have a dialog on the issues.

I understand why you, as a vender, LIKE the way the ITA board voting is set up.

Quote:Do you want me as a vendor to pick YOUR salon representative? I don't think so.

Yes! I want you, as a member, to have the right to a full representative vote for all open seats in the BoD elections. I want that basic right for all members.

I read alot of complaints from salon owners about the ITA. Many have written that they have given up all hope of any change within the ITA. I felt the best way to improve the ITA was to participate within the system and vote in better people that can better represent and meet the needs of salon owners.

Then I found out the reason the ITA was unresponsive to the needs of salon owners: Members have NO SAY and NO VOTE on 80% of the ITA BoD. That is not representation! That is lip service.

How would you and other venders feel if the shoe was on the other foot?

What if your industry trade association had 12 directors of their BoD elected by salon owners and only 3 by venders?

Would you and other venders feel any better represented if your 3 director's votes counted for double?

How many members in the Equipment Manufactures sector are represented by their 3 directors?
How many members in the Distributors sector are represented by their 3 directors?
How many members in the Allied Products sector are represented by their 3 directors?
How many members in the Lotions sector are represented by their 3 directors?
How many Salon Owners are represented by their 3 directors?

Do you think the ratios will show a fair representation?

I do not have an agenda to elect any particular person to the BoD. I do not pretend to know who the best individuals for the positions would be. I do anticipate that more experienced and knowledgable members than I do have an opinion on who the best candidates for each sector would be. I want all candidates to be well known industry-wide and to campaign to the entire membership for their election to a seat on the BoD.

My goal here is to come to a consensus with my peers on the following:

A "Contract For Salon Owners". What exactly do salon owners want their ITA to do to best support them and their industry? What is the Salon Owners Agenda?
A "Slate of Candidates" supported by Salon Owners for election to the BoD. This has been stymied by the fact that under the current ITA rules, members have NO SAY and NO VOTE on 80% of their BoD.

These are not unreasonable goals. I believe they are, in fact, essential.

Is there is any doubt whatsoever in anyone's mind that a healthy Salon Owner segment is absolutely, positively, without a doubt, essential to have a healthy industry and a healthy ITA?

This is about equal representation for all members in this industry's trade association.
This is about voting in the very best people from all sectors of the industry.
And yes, this is about the ITA working with a salon owner's agenda.

If it is good for Salon Owners, it is good for the industry. Period.

One note about money. I pulled the latest financials on the ITA.

My main point has been that it is the Salon Owners (whether they are members or not) that make the ITA financially successful by their participation in the Nashville expo.

If salon owners were to not show up in Nashville, the other sectors of this industry would then take a second look at their participation in the show, and the impact on the ITA could be lethal.

In the ITA Budget for the Fiscal Year Ending September 2002, the top two items on the Revenue side are:

Income - World Expo.... $1,465,000.00
Income - Membership.... $ 135,000.00

These 2 items account for 91.5% of the annual revenue for the ITA. The next highest number on the revenue side of the Budget is Interest Income at $60,000.00.

Salon owners pay the bills at the ITA. Salon Owners are long overdue equal representation.

Any talk about the significance of the gap in the cost of ITA membership between the corporate sectors and the salon owners sector is absurd in the big picture.

The corporate sectors of the ITA pay their membership dues with salon owner's money.

And the serious money?

It's about the expo.
It's about the importance of a successsful expo to the bottom line of the ITA.
It's about thousands of salon owners showing up for the expo.

Salon owners have earned the right of full participation in the elections and direction of the ITA.

Why salon owners would even consider supporting the Nashville expo without having full voting representation is beyond my comprehension. I will not support the expo until salon owners have full representation. This is business. I vote with my checkbook.

It is time for current ITA BoD members to call a "Special Meeting" as provided for in the Bylaws under 4.03 for the express purpose of changing the Bylaws so that all members have a vote on all seats on the BoD. This needs to be done now, prior to the upcoming BoD elections.

It is insane that members of the ITA only have votes on 20% of the seats on their BoD. The insanity must end.

Thank you again for the opportunity to have a dialog on the issues. I hope to meet you in Vegas.

Entrepreneur Extraordinaire
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Brenda at Eye Pro 06-18-2002 11:38 AM


Thanks for your well thought-out comments with cogent next steps outlined.

You'll note from the ITA website that Dan Humiston (a salon owner and ITA president) is leading the ITA meeting in Vegas. It's Thursday June 27 at 8:30am and two of Dan's agenda items are:


As you pointed out in your dialog, membership doesn't happen without the salon sector being served (and the salon sector PERCEIVING it is being served).

It seems that this meeting would be a great opportunity for you to express your views.

I'd love to continue the dialog and chat in Vegas. I'm chained to the Eye Pro booth during show hours (a true captive audience for you!) and feel free to call on my cell 260-417-4675. I'm staying at the MGM, arrivng Monday noon for setup.

Brenda Fishbaugh

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