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I love Derf!!
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Soakin’ Up The Rays, Inc. - April 2002

10 Years of Soakin’ Up The Rays!!!
April 14, 1992 is the day Soakin’ Up The Rays, Inc. was founded, I can not believe that it has been 10 years. Thank you for your support and loyality in these past 10 years. I can not wait to see what happens in the next 10 years. I want to continue to focus on making great indoor tanning products at prices your tanners can afford, providing you with one to one customer
support, having prices that you make fantastic profits from, having fun, and striving for constant improvement. Thank You!!!
Avoid Streaking Tanners with Bronzers!
Last year, we had several batches of our bonzer products that because of a PH imbalance liquified making the product very watery. We try very hard to make the best products possible but mistakes happen. Our new formula does not seem to have
the liquification problem however it has a quicker absortion rate into the skin, thus hand staining can occur quicker, we need to talk to tanners about how to avoid this!
How to Reduce Staining Your Hands from Bronzing Products!

All day long your hands are losing moisture and becoming dry. So when you put a lotion in your hand, your body reacts by rapidly absorbing the available moisture. If that lotion contains a bronzer, your hands will absorb a lot of the bronzer, staining your hands extra dark. The best way to stop this is to use a moist towellete to wet your hands before tanning.

That way your hands soak up water and will not absorb the lotion with bronzer as quickly. I then suggest you re-wipe your hands with a clean towellette to further remove the bronzer from your hands and between your fingers.
No More White Bottles for Private Label!
For years, we have used a white bottle originally for Soakin' Up The Rays (R) but then for private label. This bottle has been discontinued. We are not planning to get any more white bottles. We regret any problems this may cause but I feel it is better only to have glossy black bottles but in a larger variety of product types and prices to match your customers needs and desires. For our customers that currenly use white bottles for their private label products, Please contact us. We are offering to provide you with free label design and label printing for 200 bottles worth of products to move your products to our fantastic glossy black bottles. I feel that I owe you that for your support of our company.
Free Private Label Logo Designs!
I want to make it as easy as possible for you to have your own brand of tanning product for your salon. In order to help you afford your own private label product line, Soakin’ Up The Rays, Inc. is offering free private label logo design and label creation for our private label products. You can E-mail your current logo to our art department at webmaster@Soakinuptherays.com or visit our on-line label design program at Soakinuptherays.com to begin the creative
process to have your own product line.
Why Private Labeling Works:
* New tanners do not know indoor tanning products exist the first time they visit your salon!
If tanners do not know indoor tanning exist, How can they know a brand name?

* The top selling tanning product in your salon is the one you recommend to your tanners!
How many tanners ask what you use or what will get them the darkest?

* Tanners know if you put your name and reputation behind the product it must be fantastic!
Would you ever settled for anything but premium quality products that worked great?

* Tanners will only be able to buy your product from your salon!
How many tanners are bring in bottles from Flea Markets, Beauty Suppliers, Web Sites, and Retail Stores.

* You make 263% rate of return on investment and profits matter!
Why would you stock a national brand you made less profits selling?

To learn more about the indoor tanning industry, try these sites:
www.Soakinuptherays.com * www.Suntanning.com
www.Tantoday.com * www.Tantalk.com * www.NAATSO.Org

Double your Indoor Tanning Products Sales and Profits!
With one simple question to every tanner!
“How much Tanning Product do you use before each Session?”

How many of your tanners can make a packet last 3 sessions?

Tanners need to use between 1/2 to 3/4 an ounce of indoor tanning product or more to have the indoor tanning product have it’s best effect. How can you receive Moisturization, magnification and skin conditioning properties of indoor tanning
products if you dab a little behind each ear before tanning.

The biggest reason why tanners use very little tanning product is:
“I do not want to take time to rub it all in!”
Your answer is ” You do not have too!

It is OK to leave the product on top of your skin just rubbing it to evenly coat the top of your
skin. The heat of the bed will cause the indoor tanning product to melt into your skin.”

Try it this session. The more product you use the better the indoor tanning product is going to help your tanning results.

If you can get tanners to use twice as much tanning products as before. they are going to get better results and you are going to sell double the bottles! Everyone wins! Make it mandatory that your employees ask that question of tanners that have a bottle of indoor tanning they have been using for the past 6 months!
Soakin’ Up The Rays, Inc.
10th Anniversity Specials!

Soakin’ Up The Rays (R) @ 50% Off Salon Cost
Private Label Products @ 192 Unit Pricing

Specials end 4/30/02 - Prices and products subject to change without notice. 50% is off current listed salon cost.

Educating tanners about tanning products is our key focus. For 2002, we have 3 great new tools to use to help you make more profits selling indoor tanning products provided to your salon for free and we want you to have plenty to put up or
have available for your tanners to read!

For tanning season 2002, Soakin’ Up the Rays (R) has printed a revolutionary new type of product catalog for it’s premium quality Soakin’ Up the Rays (R) line of tanning products . Our new catalog is designed to be read by tanners as a retail sales tool to promote and educate tanners about indoor tanning products . Our focus is on helping tanning salon owners sell more tanning products . The catalog contains no pricing information of any kind so you do not have to worry. No other company has attempted to provide this level of information about tanning products directly to tanners. This new tanner focused
educational approach is a critical part of helping our customers make more profits. The best educational sales tool ever for selling Soakin’ Up The Rays (R)! They are free and we want you to have extra copies so your tanners can read
them! Just tell us how many you need!

We have this retail catalog for both Soakin’ Up The Rays (R) and our Private Label Products!

* Why Tanners Should Only Buy Tanning Products From a Tanning Salon!
* How To Use Tanning Products !
These two new poster are in addition to our current tanner educational posters.
* Why Tanning Products Work!
* Don’t Forget Your Lotion!
These tanner educational posters are provided labeled for Soakin’ Up The Rays (R) or unlabeled for Soakin’ Up The Rays, Inc. Private Label customers so you can simply apply your labels to the virtual bottles. We hope that you put one of these up in every tanning room for tanners to read as they are dressing, applying their lotion and redressing after their tanning session. The idea is this is the time they have to read and learn about indoor tanning products .
Lotion University (TM) Booklets:
Soakin’ Up The Rays, Inc. as created a complete training manual for you and your employees to learn about indoor tanning products .

Lotion University (TM) 101 is design as a comprehensive guide to indoor tanning products and Soakin’ Up The Rays (R) tanning products with sections on: Why Tanning Products Work, The Truth about Tanning Products , Buying Indoor Tanning
Products, and others great information from Soakin’ Up The Rays, Inc.

Lotion University (TM) 102 is designed as a informational guide to the indoor tanning industry with sections on: When Do People Tan, Running A Successful Tanning Salon, How to Survive Off Season, and others great information from Soakin’ Up The Rays, Inc..
Thank You for 10 Years!
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Congrats on your decade of success.
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I'm Banned
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Congrats, Greg!
That is a great milestone in today's economy. I cannot tell you how much your printed materials have helped us and our customers. We are now giving the 2002 catalog to every new customer who walks through our door. Inside we place our current newsletter with an offer of 10% off any soakin' product purchased during their first week of tanning with us. You are definitely right that they ask what we use and buy it. I have had some customers switch from being long time users of Brand X and can't believe how much better their skin feels. Thanks for great products and info.
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