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Old 01-29-2002, 07:50 AM   #1 (permalink)
I love Derf!!
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I spent Thursday and Friday of last week working in Steve Miller's salons in behind the counter training sessions for his employees. I love doing this not just because this is the best type of indoor tanning product training for salon employees but for the incredible learning experience for me.

I question how many hours, the other owners of indoor tanning products manufactures spend working in salon working with tanners, learning what really happens?

What did I learn on this trip?

The beauty supply diversion is still dramatically hurting tanning salon owners sales and profits despite the "promises and commitment to remove their products from beauty suppliers for almost 6 months".

I now know why Steve Miller is so anti-California Tan because despite almost 6 months of promises that the products are not being sold to beauty suppliers, Steve has not seen the change in his salon. In these 2 days, I must have personally seen 10 bottles of California Tan bought from beauty suppliers and being used by his tanners in his salon.

Steve’s profits are still being stolen by sales from the local beauty suppliers.

Supre's new policy as I have seen on the web is "If you see a tanner using a Supre product
bought at a beauty supply then Supre will send the salon a new bottle of Supre products to
compensate for that lost sale." Let’s see if they actually do this.

I do know it’s time for Soakin’ Up The Rays (R) to set our policy in compensation to salon owners for sales lost to beauty suppliers.

Soakin' Up The Rays, Inc. will give away a case of 12 bottles of any of our Soakin' Up The Rays (R) premium indoor tanning products if a customer indicate they bought Soakin' Up The Rays (R) products at a beauty supplier! I simply need the name of the tanner, the beauty supply name and location so I can verify they stock, Soakin’ Up The Rays (R) then you free product is on the way via Next Day Air!

Maybe it's time for Max to make the same commitment that Supre and Soakin’ Up The Rays (R) has made. Let’s see which indoor tanning manufacturers really supports salon owners by putting their money where their mouth is instead of just trying to impress them with words!

Greg Klesius
Soakin' Up The Rays, Inc.
Working to protect tanning salon owner profits from diversion (TM)[ This Message was edited by: Soakinuptherays on 2002-01-29 07:16 ]
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You Go Greg.

That makes me feel even better knowing that if I see/hear that your lotion that I carry is being bought/sold that way that I get 12!

Greg has convinced me come on Cal-tan and JA...

Tell us what you've got.

This is MY business I am trying to protect:)
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that is hard to beat!
good for you!
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I have just purchased my salon in Nov, However, I am already facing the problems with people not only getting from beauty supplies but also. Where I am from is one of the larger distrubters of lotion. And they will let people who have their on tanning beds for personnal use buy lotion not only for theirselfs but for all their friends. They said they keep a close eye on it and people with home beds can only buy very little amounts of lotion. However, I know better because I also have and have had my own home bed for years and I have never had a problem walking in there and ordering every how many bottles I needed. Now that I am in the tanning business I see what a impact a person being able to do that has on us as salon owners. But what can you do to one of the largest if not the largest dist. of lotions if they don't stop selling to just every TOm, **** & Harry who walks in off the street. Anyone can walk in their and tell them they have their own home bed. They should be only allowed to sell to salons.
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Welcome to Tantalk, Vanessa.

Who is the distributor you are referring to? Naming them might help.
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Old 01-30-2002, 07:57 AM   #6 (permalink)
I love Derf!!
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Indoor tanning products can only be used in indoor tanning beds (Except for the crazy peope using them outdoors), so why are they sold anywhere but tanning salons?

As the owner of indoor tanning product manufacturer that actually goes and works and trains at tanning salon, I have seen the problem first hand. My company almost 4 years ago stoppped selling to Beauty Suppliers, Retail Stores, Home Tanners, Directly to Tanners, Flea Market Outlets and over the Internet.

I realize the problem and have actively worked on the internet bring this issue to the light. Now, lately several major companies has decided to follow my lead. I am very happy becuase your profits deserve protection!

You have the power to make any indoor tanning product the best seller in your salon. I suggest you focus on selling products that are not sold at these diversion sources. With this post, I am simply pointing out the truth that despite the fact that Cal Tan says it's not selling to beauty suppliers that in fact their products are still being bought from beauty suppliers. Their excuse is that this is leftover inventory. No matter what it is, these sales are still stealing profits from tanning salon owners.

Tanners will buy the product you are recommending, your suggestions vaidate that product line to them, so if they see that name brand anywhere like the Internet, a Flea Market, Retail Stores, Beauty Suppliers, or directly to Home Tanners they may buy the products from that source and not your salon even if the price is the same.

So one of these big name decides to go back to selling to beauty suppliers or goes to the outdoor retail marketplace. The brand of product you have validated for years is suddenly available to your tanners outside your salon.

They only way to ensure that the indoor tanning products your are recommending to your tanners can never be bought anywhere but from you is to have your own private label name brand of premium indoor tanning products .

The name brands are great, you should sell some of them but you should focus on selling your own name brand that no one can steal your profits from your hard work!
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I have encountered a tremendous amount of California Tan and JA products walking thru my doors. Despite all the promises I have not seen any improment in the diversion.
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