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I love Derf!!
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Soakin’ Up The Rays, Inc. - October 2001 Newsletter

Consider Starting a Club Tanning Program:
What is Club Tanning:

Constant and predictable year around revenue from a percentage of your tanners. These tanners are paying a discounted monthly fee to be a member of your “Special Tanning Club” which includes unlimited tanning and other benefits through the entire year. The idea is that you use this “constant” revenue to pay your basic bills then “non-club” tanners give you your profit. The goal is to get as many of your regular customers as possible paying for unlimited tanning year around even if they do not tan year around!

Why Would a Tanner Want to Join the Tanning Club:
The primary reason is for the lower unlimited tanning packages. But, there should also be additional benefits for Club
Members only.

Additional Club Member Benefits To Consider:
* Lower Monthly Unlimited Specials (limited to 15 to 20 tans a month) * Lower Upgrade Cost
* Discounted Tanning Product Prices *Other Merchandise Discounts
* Free incentives (Like Eyewear, Tanning Product, Cold Drinks, T-shirts,)
* Lotion Purchase Rebate * Earlier Appointment Scheduling than Non-club members
* Peak Time Beds Reserved just for club members *Member Only Events (Christmas Party, Club Appreciation Events)
* Member Newsletter * Member Only Drawings for free tanning products , equipment upgrades and tanning products .
* Free Bottle of Tanning Product Every Month

Why Start a Tanning Club:
The primary reason to offer a tanning club is to lock tanners to using your salon and paying for tanning year around even if
they do not tan year around. The goal is to make the benefits of being in the tanning club so attractive that every tanner wants to join.

The nuts and bolts of a Tanning Club:
Joining Times: I believe that you should only allow new members to join from July until December. This way people just do
not join during season then quit as season is over. Some salon owners allow tanners to join at any time with higher initiation
fees during season.

Initiation Fee: This is a membership fee to join the club (Your extra profit).

This is the fee tanners must pay again if they do not pay their membership dues for a month.

The lower this fee the more people will join the club but the higher the fee the more profits you make now!

Sign Up and Exit Forms: The idea is to develop a simple agreement that outlines the rules and benefits of the tanning club. The key here is that tanners must give 30 days WRITTEN notice to quit the club. That will eliminate the “I told the girl last month that I was getting out of the club, so why did you bill me for this month?”

Club Payments: Some salons only allow the tanning club members to pay via EFT (electronic funds transfer). I believe that
this is not the only solution , I think you should do EFT’s, Bill tanner’s credit card monthly, do monthly bills, get them to pay
monthly as the come in to tan or getting tanners to pay for 6 months or a year in advance. My feeling is that. Yes, EFT’s are
great for you getting your money but why just limit it to that form of payment when not everyone is happy allowing companies to access their bank account. If some one misses a month or two then they have to pay the back club dues plus the initiation fee again or late fee to keep their club membership.

Lower Monthly Unlimited Specials: I believe that club monthly unlimited tanning specials should be 60%-80% of non-member prices. I strongly suggest you limited the membership tanning program tans to 15-20 tans a month. This will limit the psycho every day tanners from burning up your beds at $.50 a tan. Any tan over the set amount of tanning sessions
can be bought as an upgrade surcharge.

Lower Upgrade Cost: I believe that club tanning equipment upgrades should be 60%-80% of non-member prices.

Discounted Tanning Product Prices: I believe that club members should pay 80% of non-member prices.

Other Merchandise Discounts: I believe that club members should pay 80% of non-member prices.

Free Incentives: To keep club members feeling like they are getting a great deal staying with the club occasional offer
free giveaways like eyewear, a logo T-shirt, a can kooze, A free sample of tanning products , and other items to keep their
interest and make them feel special.

Lotion Purchase Rebate: Offer club members a 25% to 50% credit off their tanning product purchases in “Club Bucks” that can be redeemed for upgrades to better tanning equipment. Example: The club Member buys a $50.00 bottle of tanning products they receive a 25% Club Bucks credit ($12.50) in their account that they then can apply towards paying for upgrade beds. Set up you accounting or computer program to calculate this for every tanner in your salon but only club members can use Club Bucks! Think of the sales process for getting someone to join the tanning club. Did you know that you
have $50.00 of Club Bucks in your account from buying tanning products that can be used to pay for upgrades if you were a
member of our tanning club! Our special for joining the club today is.........

Earlier Appointment Scheduling than Non-Club Members: If you take appointments, allow club members to schedule appointments 10 days in advance and non club members just 5 days in advance.

Peak Time Beds Reserved Just for Club Members: If you do not take appointments, think about having beds reserved just for club members. This is a touchy issue, you do not want make non-club members feel too bad while rewarding club members.

Member Only Events: You should hold a Christmas Party and other Club Appreciation Events for members only where you offer free tanning, door prizes, free tanning products , snacks, drinks ( Non-alcohol to avoid any liability) and other party fun just for club members.

Member Newsletter: This is a monthly or bimonthly letter sent to club members to inform them about operating hours,
special discounts, the benefits of tanning, the benefits of using tanning products , local coupons from other area business,
and anything else you can think of to keep your club members feeling special.

Member Only Drawings: Offer a monthly giveaway to club members for free tanning products , equipment upgrades and monthly dues announcing the winners in your monthly newsletter.

Free Bottle of Tanning Product Every Month: No, I am not crazy. This is the absolute answer to stop your tanners from
buying tanning product at beauty suppliers, retail stores, off the Internet or at flea markets. Tanners buy tanning products
from these “diversion” sources because they believe that they are saving money that way. When you include a free indoor tanning product with every monthly membership you are eliminating that reason to buy products from somewhere else.

I suggest you giveaway a product that you can buy for less than $5.00 with a retail value about $15.00. Your discussion
point is getting more than just tanning but total skin care sessions and lotion. The reality is the membership is $15.00 less
than the monthly fee because of the value of the indoor tanning product. What if a tanners does not want the indoor
tanning product? It’s a package deal, period! The indoor tanning product is a gift and can not be separated from the package. But, for advanced tanners that need a better indoor tanning product, you will allow them to trade their gift bottle in for a $15.00 (the retail value of the product) credit towards another bottle of indoor tanning products . If they do not want the indoor tanning product, now is a great time to ask if they use and understand tanning products or what tanning product they are using if not the one included with the packaged membership program. Giving away a free bottle of tanning products with every monthly renewal promotes proper lotion use. If tanners say that they have not used their bottle during the month, check their visits knowing a bottle should only last 10 visits. Giving away a free bottle of indoor tanning products every month clearly eliminates diversion and increases lotion revenue because of product upgrades and proper usage

What every you call it consider formalizing your unlimited monthly special into a tanning club to retain more tanners paying for unlimited tanning year around with a few simple giveaways and special perks. The predictable revenue will help you make those off-season months better.

Lotion University (TM) 2002: Dates
1/12/02: Charlotte, NC
1/26/02: Pittsburgh, PA
2/9/02: Boston, MA
3/2/02: Columbus, OH
3/16/02: Minneapolis, MN

New Products for 2002
Hemp Rays (TM)
Blended for advancing tanners who need an extra hemp boost to reach their next level of tanning Success. Advanced strength tanning intensifier levels of Unipertan (AB), L-Tyrosine, Hemp Seed Oil, Riboflavin, Natural Botanical Extracts,Minerals, Anti-Oxidants are blended together to propel you to ultimate tanning success for SOAKIN' UP THE RAYS (R)!

Why Use Hemp Rays (TM): You are now moving from a Tanning Intensifier to an Advanced Tanning Intensifier. The amount of L-Tyrosine was increased and a second tyrosine complex Unipertan (AB) was added to make a premium intensifier formula. In creating an Advanced Tanning Intensifier, we have added Hemp Seed oil and increased amounts of additional Riboflavin to create a more effective tanning product with the proper blend for Magnification and Moisturization as well as using other natural oils to increase the rays reaching your skin as well as to counteract the drying effects of tanning.

Can any tanner start with Hemp Rays (TM) ? Yes. The tanner’s ability to fully utilize the ingredients in this product will
only increase as their tan darkens from SOAKIN' UP THE RAYS (R).

What does this product look like? A yellow colored lotion with a Pina Colada - Coconut fragrance

Who should use this product? A tanner with an advanced base tan

Does Hemp Rays (TM) have Bronzers in it? No

Is Hemp Rays (TM) a Tingle product? No

Key Ingredients: Hemp Seed Oil, L-Tyrosine, Unipertan (AB), Natural Botanical Extracts, Minerals, Anti-Oxidants and Aloe Vera Gel

Hot Hemp Rays (TM)
Designed for advancing tanners who want a Hemp Tingling Boost to reach their darkest tan. You will feel the stimulating
action of this Hemp Tingling Intensifier designed for very serious tanners who want to see and feel their tanning product
working before, during and after their time SOAKIN' UP THE RAYS (R).

Why Use Hot Hemp Rays (TM). Hot Hemp Rays (TM) is a third generation Tingling formula designed to provide better long term tanning results compared to older Tingling formulas. Hot Hemp Rays (TM) has a fresh Orange fragrance matched with longer lasting "instant results" and Advanced Tanning Intensifier performance desired by tanners who do not want to use a Bronzer.

Can any tanner start with Hot Hemp Rays (TM)? No, The Tingling sensation may be uncomfortable to some inexperienced
tanners. Tanners should try a very little amount on a limited area of your body before applying it over their entire body to
experience the tingling effects.

What does this product look like? A Orange Colored lotion with a Orange fragrance

Who should use this product? Any experienced tanner that desires a mild Tingling effect in their indoor tanning product.

Does Hot Hemp Rays (TM) have Bronzers in it? No

Is Hot Hemp Rays (TM) a Tingle product? Yes

Key Ingredients: Methyl Nicotinate (for Tingling), Hemp Seed Oil, L-Tyrosine, Unipertan (AB), Natural Botanical
Extracts, Minerals, Anti-Oxidants and Aloe Vera Gel

Nashville: Lotion University (TM)
The first Lotion University (TM) of the year will be Saturday, October 27, 2001 during the Nashville trade show at a private meeting of Soakin’ Up The Rays, Inc. at the Opryland Hotel.

You must have an ticket from us to attend this private event. You get the tickets by RSVP or stopping by our booth during the show.

We will start at 8:30 AM with Coffee service beginning at 8AM, the presentation will end around 11:30AM as the trade show floor opens on Saturday.

50% Specials for Soakin' Up The Rays (R):

Sting Ray (TM) 200X 8oz @ $15.00
Radiance (TM) 200X+ 8oz @ $15.00
Ultimate Plateau Buster (TM) 8oz @ $15.00
Cool Bronzing Rays (TM) 8oz @ $10.00
Hot Hemp Rays (TM) 8oz @ $8.75
Hemp Rays (TM) 8oz @ $6.25
Florida Rays (TM) 8oz @ $3.75

Specials end 10/31/01 - Prices and products subject to change without notice. 50% is off current listed salon cost.

I will be exhibiting at the Nashville Tanning Trade Show
October 25-27 at the Oprayland Hotel in Nashville TN
Booth Number 921

Soakin' Up The Rays, Inc. @ 1 * 800 * 935 * 7625
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Great ideas, but be careful with offering something "unlimited" that has limits. Someone please correct me if I am missing something here.
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I love Derf!!
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You do have to be careful to explain, unlimited means tanning only once every 24 hours and that after some many visits then a small surcharge does begin.

Everything has rules, nothing is completely unlimited but I agree you must be careful.
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