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The Benefits of UV Light Read and discuss all the great news about UV light and Vitamin D.

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UK GP`s Lack of knowledge on Vitamin D

Just been to see a doctor in the UK called a GP
I requested a blood test for prostate its generally given free to men older than 40 as you know the UK operates a free health service called the NHS, so any one can see a GP if they have any concerns about there health.
So I had a chat with this GP I told him id like a blood test for prostate as it appeared on my records (checked by the receptionist on the computer) that the last time I had this done was 2007, and since then I have been getting up in the middle of the night to pee quite a lot , and I have had a niggling lower back pain, the same symptoms a client of mine husband had who has been diagnosed prostate cancer at age 58, so I thought it best to get checked, I have been booked to have a blood test, just wait to see results now.

I am confident theres nothing wrong, the reason for that is I have been taking 5,000i.u vitamin D for 9 months now, my 25 OHD blood level was 50 nml when last checked in jan 10.
I noticed the other day when asked by a client “do you feel better for taking this vitamin d” I thought about it, and replied, “well I don’t feel ill or get bad colds, then I never did, hardly ever have a day off work through illness”

Then I thought hang on, I don’t get up in the night any more, and I haven’t done so for about 3 months, been getting a good undisturbed sleep. Back pain is still there but ive either got used to the pain or its not as bad, (not that it ever was that bad, just a niggle).

So when I saw the GP I mentioned this to him, his reply was “I don’t see why vitamin D would have that effect” well from what I have read I thought I knew something, so I said well there have been papers written on the subject, and there’s a prostate cancer specialist who runs a cancer hospital in new york state, (I may have got this wrong it might be colon cancer he’s on you tube talking of his findings on the UCS TV) he’s doing research, the GP`S reply was “oh im very sceptical of these papers, there coming out all the time, it was selenium was good for you a little while back then its something else, and you have to look at the angle of this cancer specialist you talk about he probably has a financial angle, I take it with a pich of salt.”

I replied “ but vitamin d is free we get it from the sun and supplements are so cheap, there’s no real financial angle”
He replied “ yes you see you don’t really need supplements you get enough from the sun”

I thought, I wont patronise you with my knowledge of vitamin d, you just wont believe me, and left the surgery with by piece of paper to get me a blood test.

This just goes to show the level on knowledge our NHS has on the subject.

Ive seen 3 different GP`s in the past 2 years all have a similar attitude even my dentist had not heard of any research.

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Talking Re: UK GP`s Lack of knowledge on Vitamin D

Was just wondering if the 3 GP's you saw were related to Harold Shipman by any chance??!! lol
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