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  1. Scientific Consensus Paper Released
  2. The rest of the story...
  3. A DECREASE in pediatric CMM
  4. Innocent error?
  5. 2015 The International Year of Light
  6. Vitamin D from sunbeds?
  7. No babysitting in SD
  8. Autism & Vitamin D
  9. Something is going on.....
  10. Good FYI article
  11. Testimonial...
  12. Sunlight & Ebola
  13. Now you know....
  14. Politics trumps science
  15. Why men should tan
  16. Wellness study
  17. Finally...
  18. Excellent Article
  19. Vitamin D & Dementia
  20. Which comes first?
  21. Message: Avoid UVR Avoidance
  22. They are coming around....
  23. A Golden Mean?
  24. Dallas Buyers Club and the FDA
  25. High Pressure, tony and Robertk
  26. D is for dancers
  27. Anti-vitamin D article refuted
  28. UVR relaxes blood vessels
  29. Cancer Patients Tanning
  30. Tan? Vitamin D? Or Both?
  31. Blue Light
  32. A very good read
  33. Depressed? Get D!
  34. What did they miss?
  35. Think about this
  36. Is a tan a "sign" of health?
  37. Slash Your Risk of Cancer - by Breaking This Cardinal Rule
  38. 34% reduction in breast CA
  39. Autism prevalence in USA
  40. Good article.
  41. Tired? Get vitamin D!
  42. Could the sun be good for your heart?
  43. New findings by GWU researcher saying tanning beds cause melanoma
  44. I read that we need Vit D sulphate from UV. D3 supplementss are not as good.
  45. New Vitamin D Study
  46. UK GP`s Lack of knowledge on Vitamin D
  47. Actress Gwenyth Paltrow told to Get SUN to reverse Vitamin D deficiency bone disorder
  48. Gwyneth Paltrow bone disorder, Doctors told her to GET SUNLIGHT vitamin D-go tanning!
  49. Dermotologist Undercover Sting!!!
  51. More Good news
  52. help me reply to this Professor
  53. Today on AOL
  54. 'Cure' is found for skin cancer, claim scientists
  55. Dr Claims VIT D suppreses imune system? any truth in this?
  56. vitamin d from spray tan lotion?????
  57. A Cook says you can't get enough D from food
  58. Do Lotions block Vitamin D Production?
  59. Joe Levy "Health Radio" Interview
  60. The UV Commercials Available through Smart Tan
  61. Doctors referral
  62. Kangaroos May Inspire 'Anti-Cancer' Skin Cream
  63. UConn Dr.s/Scientists Explore Vit D deficiency & high blood pressure.
  64. Gabriele Stähler on Vitamin D3
  65. NEW study links vitamin D deficiency to cardiovascular disease and death
  66. H1N1 Linked To Vitamin D Deficiency
  67. Washington Times - Sunshine Debate (PRINT)
  68. Tanning Billboard on the news
  69. Sign for Vitamin D
  70. I need help with this one....
  71. Boston Univ Study - Indoor Tanners have the BEST VIT D Levels!
  72. H1N1 Shot and Vitamin D
  73. Sixty million years of evolution say Vitamin D may save your life from swine flu.
  74. Sunbeds as Vitamin D Sources
  75. Like a good movie
  76. Exposure to the sun...
  77. Skin cancer drug shrink tumors in two weeks.
  78. Vitamin D 'helps combat cancer' (SKIN CANCER!)
  79. Great Interview w/ Dr. Cannell
  80. Vitamin D Requirements Much Higher Than Recommended Amounts
  81. US Dept. of Health & Human Serv. launch Best Bones Program
  82. Medical News Today Article on Vit D.
  83. Vit D / Sunshine New Study of How IMPORTANT FOR 60 Million Years!
  84. Vitamin D After Total Thyroidectomy to Prevent Postoperative Hypocalcaemia
  85. Coronary Artery Calcification Linked to Vitamin D Deficiency
  86. Vitamin D tests may reveal risk for Lupus
  87. Alarm Bells Over Vitamin D Levels in Kids (CBS)
  88. Vitamin D on MSNBC with Holick quote
  89. Joe Levy Audio Clip to share on Vitamin D and Sunshine
  90. Another UV bashing session on ABC News
  91. High Prevalence of Vitamin D Deficiency in HIV-Positive Men
  92. Kneed sunshine? Scientists find link to healthy joints
  93. Holick & Gilchrest Virtual Debate
  94. SunScare Report
  95. Sun warnings ‘overstated’ as science finds new clue to skin cancer
  96. New Evidence Links Vitamin D to Cardiovascular Disease
  97. Study sheds light on Vit D to prevent colon cancer
  98. By Gregory Plotnikoff, M.D. ...too little sun?
  99. The Controversy Over Vitamin D & Sun Exposure
  100. Two sides of the UV coin
  101. Dr. Kaye zeroed in on my sun phobia
  102. (psoraisis) It seems to me that there really is such a thing as a healthy tan.
  103. Yahoo news
  104. Vitamin D Experts Suggest Bias in Findings of International Cancer Agency Report on S
  105. Low vit D levels associated with several risk factors in teenagers
  106. 1 in 7 U.S. Teens Is Vitamin D Deficient
  107. Healthier and happier in the sun
  108. Vitamin D: The Super Nutrient
  109. The Sunshine Vitamin (Paging...Ted Hutchinson)
  110. Half of Black Teens May Be Vitamin D Deficient
  111. Need Info Immediately!!!
  112. Customer recommended by dermotologists
  113. Just had a nurse sign up for her Vitamin D
  114. MSNBC: Shedding light on vitamin D deficiency ‘crisis’
  115. Cancer doctor says get in a sunbed!
  116. Just a little freaky....
  117. Questions from a newbie seeking benefits of tanning/Vit. D...
  118. Vitamin D Insufficiency Linked to Parkinson’s Disease
  119. Doctor Recommends Avoiding Flu Shot, Taking Vitamin D Instead
  120. When Daylight Savings Time Stops – Consider Taking Vitamin D
  121. Vit D article
  122. Vitamin D Deficiency Linked to Anemia in Chronic Kidney Disease
  123. Vitamin D Prevents Colorectal Adenomas
  124. Vitamin D levels drop as winter's gloom nears
  125. Vitamin D Linked to Mortality in Hemodialysis Patients
  126. Cancer Experts Debate Vitamin D, Sunlight & Risk
  127. Vitamin D may prevent damage from low levels of radiation
  128. Holick comes through again.
  129. Lung airway cells can activate Vit D
  130. Rain, rain, go away.....
  131. Low vitamin D common in kids with cystic fibrosis
  132. Another good vitamin D article
  133. Dr. Mayer Eissentein's says 50,000 IU's of Vit D
  134. Dr. Bill Elliott: Vitamin D adds more than just a little sunshine
  135. You will enjoy reading this
  137. sun exposure may have an antimelanoma effect
  138. Lack of sunlight linked to male infertility
  139. Study links Vitamin D to sperm health
  140. Prevalence of Suboptimal Vitamin D Status During Pregnancy
  141. A very good article
  142. The Sun's Role In Disease Prevention And Control (nice article)
  143. More vitamin D may mean healthier gums
  144. IBD, Liver Disease Patients Show Vitamin D Deficits
  145. About 83 per cent of the women in Valley are suffering from Vitamin-D deficiency
  146. Vitamin D Can Prolong Your Life!
  147. Pediatricians Double Vitamin d recommendations
  148. Vit D could reduce the risk of osteoporosis - in unborn babies
  149. Lack of vitamin D can affect 36 organs
  150. Vitamin D a key player in overall health of several body organs, says UC Riverside bi
  151. Vitamin D and Cancer Prevention, at UAlbany Day on Saturday, Oct. 25.
  152. Vitamin D deficiency common in patients with IBD, chronic liver disease
  153. Psychiatric patients at risk of vitamin D deficiency
  154. YOU Docs: The best vitamin you're not getting
  155. John Cannell, MD October Vitamin D Newsletter
  156. Low Vitamin D Levels Raise Breast Cancer Death Risk by 75 Percent
  157. anti-melanoma effect through activation of the vitamin D system
  158. Summer sunshine delight (nice article)
  159. Poor health 'due to wet climate'
  160. Tanning can have health benefits
  161. Vitamin D a Bone Booster for Digestive Problems
  162. Vitamin D supplement
  163. SPF...does it work? An experiment
  164. What is osteomalacia?
  165. Light shines on vitamin D deficiency epidemic
  166. Northwest Europe....SAD Cases Rise
  167. iNutrition Launches Cancer Fighting Vitamin D
  168. Vitamin D shifts into focus
  169. Time Magazine lists vitamin D as a top 10 medical breakthrough of 2007
  170. Extra, extra! Get your free vitamin D!
  171. The Sunshine D-Lemma
  172. Low Vitamin D May Cause Depression
  173. Clinical study to examine role of vitamin D in kidney disease
  174. Mama's, don't let your babies.....
  175. Sunbathing may prevent multiple sclerosis
  176. Top 10 Myths About Vitamin D
  177. UVR does not cause melanoma
  178. A More Conclusive Study Vit D and Hip Fractures
  179. A Little Knowledge Can Kill You
  180. Too many Americans aren't getting enough of the sun-sourced nutrient, researchers say
  181. Vitamin D's wild days: Who to test, what to take?
  182. The Sunshine Vitamin
  183. discuss...
  184. It's the UVR, stupid!
  185. Unalaskans need more of sunshine vitamin
  186. hydroxyvitamin D3 concentrations should be reevaluated
  187. Death May Be Nearer for People Who Lack Vitamin D, Study Says
  188. Skin responses to ultraviolet radiation:
  189. Fat? You need vitamin D!
  190. Elderly not getting enough vitamin D, study at CU finds
  191. Can Sunscreen Make You Hypothyroid?
  192. Schizophrenia researchers welcome new blood
  193. vitamin D tests in record numbers
  194. Oops, we DO need the sun
  195. Can Vitamin D Help People with Mesothelioma? (asbestos)
  196. Vitamin D Fights Cancer (Jamiaca Gleaner)
  197. Skin cancer fears may increase risk of bone thinning disease
  198. Don Here is the Thread We Needed Help With :)
  199. Why Sunshine is Good For You (on MSN Lifestyle)
  200. Don't Miss Your Daily Dose of D
  201. At a Glance: What You Need to Know About Vit D
  202. Vitamin D for Slowing and Possibly Reversing Lung Cancer
  203. Sunshine Vitamin
  204. Vitamin D Benefits Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients
  205. Minnesota women at risk
  206. how much milk do we need?
  207. Got enough Vitamin D?
  208. Skin Cancer Fear May Harm Bones
  209. Vit D---Should You Be Taking (getting) More of this Vitamin?
  210. D Seems Short for 'Does a Lot'
  211. Doctors eye vitamin D link to autism
  212. Very Nice Article in the WSJ.
  213. Sunshine on my shoulders (nice article)
  214. The power of vitamin D, hope for a new disease fighter
  215. Doctors address vitamin D deficiencies
  216. overweight people tend to have lower levels of vit D
  217. Body Makes Pot-Like Substance to Help Skin
  218. Dose of vitamin D too little, some say
  219. Don't run from the sun's Vitamin D benefits, experts say
  220. Creighton University Magazine Article on Vit D...Fall of 2007
  221. Fox News Health Watch Video in GA on Vit D Deficiency
  222. Mother's vitamin D status during pregnancy will affect her baby's dental health
  223. Raise your Melanoma and MRSA protection levels with UVB.
  224. Showering after your tan loses your Vitamin D??
  225. Many Toddlers Lack the "Sunshine Vitamin"
  226. City residents take part in study that shows blacks lack vitamin D
  227. Vitamin D may Offer Relief in Chronic Back Pain
  228. Lack of Vitamin D Raises Risk of Death
  229. Want to be young again?
  230. This "message" is important
  231. Want to cut your risk of death in half?
  232. Vitamin D May Help Patients Survive Cancer
  233. D-fense!
  234. Got Vitamin D?
  235. Vitamin D for Lung Cancer
  236. More Great News About Vitamin D
  237. Low vitamin D tied to back pain in older women
  238. New report finds low vitamin D levels appear common in ‘healthy’ children
  239. Vitamin D(azzle): Miracle Pill for the Millennium
  240. Undiagnosed low vitamin D levels extremely common in rheumatology patients
  241. Vitamin D recommendations for teens may be too low
  242. Using sunscreen increases a woman’s chances of breast cancer
  243. Tan or No Tan? The Vitamin D Question
  244. Low Vitamin D Level in Salon Owner
  245. Sunshine may be nature's disease fighter
  246. Vitamin D Reduces Heart Attacks (updated)
  247. The Sunshine Vitamin Cure-All
  248. 'Vitamin D essential for strong bones'
  249. First Successful Use Of Vitamin D Supplement For Childhood Autism
  250. It's probably Vitamin D in huge doses...
  251. Study backs vitamin D in cancer fight
  252. Plainfield doctor touts benefits from Vitamin D
  253. Too little sun is nearly as bad as too much
  254. Vitamin D deficiency linked to back pain
  255. Dr. Briffa: Does vitamin D help protect against type 1 diabetes?
  256. Dr. Chris Fenn on Vitamin D
  257. Vitamin D Deficiency: Information for Cancer Patients
  258. Not enough of the sun
  259. Make every day a D-day
  260. The Joint Canadian Tanning Association Lauches TanAwareness.com
  261. Good Article: Don't Screen Out All the Sun
  262. Call it corporate lifestyle disease
  263. 'Sunshine vitamin' aids women, study shows
  264. Sunny D needed for healthy babies
  265. Vitamin D is good for more than just bones
  266. Even another Vitamin D story. CBS & Brea...
  267. Another one of those "Vitamin D" stories...
  268. Take Vitamin D for all kinds of reasons....
  269. Vitamin D Keeps Kidney Patients Alive
  270. Vitamin D and cancer: maintaining levels key to protection?
  271. Can Diet &/or Sunlight Modify the Relationship Between VDR....
  272. Vitamin D deficiency linked to cancer, heart problems
  273. Vitamin D helps kidney patients live longer -study
  274. Canada Orders Vitamin D Study
  275. Depressed elderly found to have low levels of Vitamin D
  276. Everybody needs more.....
  277. P53's -- Repeated UV irradiation protects against UV induced DNA damage.
  278. New Studies Shows Why Calcium and Vit D May Prevent Colon Cancer
  279. Lack of vitamin D linked to depression in elderly
  280. Are you a believer?
  281. a Billion people need to get outside??? for some Vitamin D?? Go to a TANNING SALON!!!
  282. Cancer Society's May 1 as the inaugural "Sunhats Off Day".
  283. Vitamin D: Now I'm a believer
  284. Quik Hit: Vitamin D Does a Body Good
  285. DR. HOOK- D-list: Get a little sun to keep healthy
  286. May Vitamin D Council Newsletter
  287. Too good to be true?
  288. Exposure to Sun May Help Ward Off Arthritis
  289. Broken Bones Blamed on Osteoporosis When Vitamin D Deficiency Is the Culprit
  290. Sun lamps help unborn babies beat osteoporosis
  291. Canadians underexposed to sunlight!
  292. But will you go blind?
  293. Are you vitamin D-ficient?
  294. Free Vitamin D Calculator Online
  295. Vitamin D status linked to artery health: study
  296. Young adults need sun
  297. Sunbeds and Cod Liver Oil
  298. Vit D may gaurd against artery disease
  299. Rickets on the rise as breast-feeding and limiting sun
  300. Cancer prevention: stopping cancer before it can start
  301. Volunteers sought to test vitamin D memory effect (Australia)
  302. Vitamin D and calcium influence cell death in the colon, researchers find
  303. A New Vitamin D Deficiency Test That Can be Done at Home
  304. Prevention of Osteoporosis Might Lie in the Letter “D”
  305. New Research: Vitamin D linked to Vit D Deficienc
  306. Multiple Sclerosis: Nature, Nurture, or Something Else?
  307. Cancer Mortality Rates by State
  308. Many kids, adults lack vitamin D
  309. Basics of Bones
  310. Cyclobutane pyrimidine dimer formation and P53 production in human skin...
  311. Benefits of sunshine should be enjoyed, but carefully
  312. Feeling pale and tragic? Take Vitamin D
  313. Skin colour map (indigenous people).
  314. 3 years ago today...
  315. Antarctic winter linked to decreased bone density
  316. New light shed on 'sunshine vitamin'
  317. Baby’s Soft Spot Linked to Vitamin Deficiency
  318. Vitamin D Question and Answers, April, 2008
  319. Tanning is associated with optimal vitamin D status
  320. Shedding light on skin color
  321. More womb sun 'makes healthier babies'
  322. Winning the vitamin D argument
  323. Anyone notice appetitie reduction with tanning?
  324. The Virtues of Vitamin D - Harvard Medical School
  325. Research Promotes Pro-active Vitamin D Regimen in Patients with Osteoporosis
  326. All hail vitamin D
  327. Mainers left in dark, need D
  328. Vitamin D has also been shown to play a role in apoptosis
  329. Is Shunning the Sun a Medical Mistake?
  330. D Day
  331. Fighting cancer with vitamin D
  332. Vitamin D Beneficial for Bone Health, MS, Cancer and Winter Depression
  333. MUSC doctors look at vitamin D's effect on early-stage prostate cancer
  334. Why Anti-Tanning Propaganda Takes Lives
  335. Vitamin D deficiency common even in Southern states
  336. Getting vitamin D is tricky even in sunny South
  337. Vitamin D supplements cut risk of child diabetes - study
  339. UMaine Researchers Highlight Anti-Cancer Benefits of Vitamin D
  340. Are you vitamin D deficient?
  341. Natural Ways to Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease
  342. Osteomalacia/Rickets/Soft Bones
  343. Catch some rays to get vitamin D
  344. Vitamin D-calcium combo provides long-term benefits for men
  345. US Med Student Video on Vitamin D
  346. Dr. Cannell/ Vitamin D Council Videos
  347. The vitamin D miracle: Is it for real?
  348. Feeling pale? Try a little vitamin D
  349. D'fence
  350. Research reports keep rolling in on the importance of vitamin D
  351. Stress for Success: Sunlight is a good source of vitamin D
  353. Diabetes and cancer are both expanding almost exponentially in the world
  354. 11 Ways to Slow Aging AOL
  355. San Diego Seminar on Vitamin D
  356. A controversy is brewing over vitamin D (Forbes Magazine)
  357. Vitamin D
  358. Another Article Saying to Use Tanning Beds for Vit D
  359. Very Nice Article to Print.
  360. The connection between cancer and vitamin D
  361. 50% of Americans are Vit D Deficient
  362. Association of Activated Vitamin D Treatment and Mortality in Chronic Kidney Disease
  363. Consequences of Lack of Sun (they mention using tanning beds)
  364. Vitamin D may lessen the pain for those on Arimidex/Breast Cancer
  365. Go ahead, get some sun; it'll do a body good
  366. Vitamins: D for disease-free
  367. Great Video on Vit D and Heart Disease
  368. Humorous Debate
  369. Many vitamin D deficient in winter
  370. “Exposure to lamps that emit UVB radiation is an excellent source for Vitamin D3
  371. Boning up on the sunshine vitamin
  372. The Latest Word on Vitamin D
  373. We Need to spend more time in the sun...
  374. News Media Clip on Vit D and Sunshine
  375. Moving south could help keep you from developing cancer
  376. Lack of Sun Could Put Your Health in Danger
  377. The UV Foundation Announces February is 'Vitamin D Deficiency Month'
  378. Vitamin D deficiency explains cancer disparities between blacks and whites
  379. Sun's benefits make comeback
  380. Study warns over high incidence of vitamin D deficiency
  381. 5 Year Study on Calcium and Vitamin D
  382. EU-funded Melanoma project seeks to explain behaviour in the sun
  383. Vitamin D plays role in fighting diseases
  384. Health Watch: The sunshine vitamin
  385. Vitamin D as cancer fighter?
  386. Stanford University researching Vitamin D's role in cancer
  387. Lack of sunshine blamed for vitamin D deficiency
  388. Oprah talks about being vitamin d difficient!
  389. Dr Malallah prefers Sun Exposure over Vit D Supplements
  390. An Interview with Dr. Donald Trump (Video)
  391. A day without vitamin D is like a day without sunshine
  392. Grant for Vitamin D Study
  393. Vitamin D deficiency causes preeclampsia during pregnancy
  394. Sunbathing Comes Out From Under A Cloud
  395. The Unsensored Family Guide to Vitamin D
  396. Very Positive Video
  397. Demystifying Vitamin D: Experts available to clarify the facts
  398. NBC News Video on Vit D and Sun
  399. Vitamin D deficiency linked to heart, stroke risk
  400. Vit d and sun on CBS tonight
  401. Yahoo tonite
  402. Sunshine a recipe for Good Health
  403. No need to suffer a SAD winter
  404. Big Year for Sunshine Vitamin
  405. Sunlight may save kids' sight
  406. Experts Update Food Pyramid for Older Adults
  407. Vitamin D Important for Brain Function
  408. Give the Gift of Tanning
  409. Skin complexion link to Vit D deificiency
  410. Lack of sunlight may increase the risk of lung cancer, a study suggests.
  411. Don Smith or somebody can you help me with this one?
  412. Vit D3 Study on 200 Women
  413. Vitamin D: It is important to know your levels, especially in winter
  414. "mind-boggling"
  415. Evidence suggests vitamin D deficiency endangers migrating populations
  416. Vitamin D fights cancer - Dr. Donald Trump
  417. Power of Vitamin D
  418. Newstarget, good read...
  419. Vitamin D a Miracle Nutrient
  420. Darkness causes cancer and......
  421. Wait until you read this one....
  422. Good research
  423. Doctors Seeing Increased Cases of Bone Disease in Children
  424. Is the sunshine vitamin the way to beat asthma?
  425. Vitamin D Question and Answer
  426. Tanning Bed available by Individual Owner
  427. Vitamin D may curb type 2 diabetes risk
  428. Scientists hail the ‘sunshine vitamin’
  429. New Findings on Vitamin D
  430. Break a bone ... not
  431. A Little Wine, Sunlight Help Boost Women's Health
  432. Deficiency In Exposure To Sunlight Linked To Endometrial Cancer
  433. VIT D May Reduce Colorectal Cancer Mortality
  434. What's the Real Story on Vitamin D?
  435. lower levels of vitamin D in their blood we saw more back pain
  436. Low Vitamin D: One Sign of Sunlight Deficiency
  437. Dr Sorenson!!
  438. Opioids & Tanning Addition
  439. Low Vitamin D Levels May Worsen Osteoarthritis of the Knee
  440. Study shows Aussies missing out on sun exposure
  441. Sunbathing 'slows ageing process'
  442. Dr. Oz on Oprah says 15 mins of sunshine EVERYDAY :)
  443. Often called ‘sunshine vitamin,' vitamin D helps bone strength
  444. Vitamin D deficiency could be more common
  445. Vitamin D Society Declares November 'Vitamin D Awareness Month' in Canada
  446. Don't Forget to Turn your Clocks Back as we Enter the Vitamin D Winter
  447. Yahoo
  448. Experts have been arguing about flu shots for decades
  449. ...sometimes your vitamin is a steroid hormone
  450. Welcome Dr. Jeffrey Dach MD & Thank You for Your Expertise Here
  451. We need more sun, claims controversial dermatologist
  452. Young Athletes and Vitamin D
  453. Cancer society calls for major vitamin D trial
  454. How to Manage Vitamin D Deficiency
  455. Vitamin D May Prolong Your Life
  456. Let the sun shine
  457. Sunlight Exposure May Half Advanced Breast Cancer Risk
  458. October is Breast Cancer Propaganda Month: Pinkwashing, Breast Cancer Action & Vita
  459. Exposure to sunlight may decrease risk of advanced breast cancer by half
  460. Doctor: Vitamin D Deficiencies Rampant
  461. how sunlight can save your life
  462. Vitamin D explosive new player in heart health
  463. Vitamin D important for your total health
  464. Vitamin D: A D-lightful health story
  465. Get some sun and enjoy some fats, already!
  466. Vitamin D Inadequacy May Exacerbate Chronic Pain
  467. Old but good
  468. AGE 25 Important Yrs. for Vitamin D
  469. Study says season of cancer diagnosis affects survival rate
  470. Black Women Fare Worse Than Whites With Breast Cancer
  471. The 'Sunshine Vitamin' is Critical during the Winter Season
  473. The effects of seasonal variation of 25-hydroxyvitamin D
  474. Kashmiri Women Facing Vitamin D Deficiency
  476. Sunnier outlook may help fight against prostate cancer
  477. Dr. Judith Richman Vit D Video on the Today Show
  478. Vitamin D Gets an 'A' For Great Nutrition
  479. Vitamin D Deficiency Prevalent
  480. The Dr. Writes about Vitamin D
  481. Dr. Mercola On The Positive Of Having A Tan
  482. What gives us sunburn protects crayfish against bacteria
  483. Take more vitamin D, mothers told
  485. Looking Fit Article
  486. Vitamin D Needs
  487. As Vitamins Go, D, You Are My Sunshine
  488. Heavier people may need more vitamin D, whether from the sun or supplements
  489. Low vitamin D linked to higher risk of hip fracture
  490. Don't be SAD
  491. It's time we saw the light
  492. Vitamin D’s benefits are no surprise
  493. Vitamin D might be factor in longer life
  494. We have underestimated the importance of Vitamin D
  495. Finnish men tested for link to low Vit D and Infection
  496. New Vit D Research Could Confuse Millions
  497. Vit D even gets in the middle of US/China battle
  498. Vitamin D, calcium protect against cancer in women
  499. Vitamin D :: Patients with type 2 diabetes show signs of vitamin D deficiency
  500. Vitamin D and Stem Cells (study to be released)
  501. Sunshine: It does you more good than harm
  502. Amuzing Article
  503. Sunshine for Beautiful Skin Care
  504. Vit D could mean fewer cancers
  505. "The Great Debate" GREAT ARTICLE!!!
  506. Vitamin D's Crucial Role in Elder Mobility
  507. Calcium & Vit D for Bone Fractures
  508. Is Vitamin D the New Aspirin (or Statin)?
  509. Study Shines More Light on Benefit of Vitamin D in Fighting Cancer
  510. Dr. Norton Mentions the Importance of Sunshine
  511. Calcium, vitamin D are critical to stopping bone loss
  512. Vitamin D for treatment of scleroderma
  513. Short & Sweet "Sun Exposure Linked to Vitamin D"
  514. Evidence Mounts For Protective Effect Of Vitamin D
  515. Born under a bad sign? Maybe
  516. Vitamin D 1-Hydroxylase Gene Mutations
  517. Albuminuria, Vitamin D Linked
  518. FDA Tanning (Anti-Tanning?) Information
  519. Tanning Bed Good Source of Vit D
  520. Tan More Less DNA Damage?
  522. Could Tanning be Healthy?
  523. Vitamin D deficiency might be linked to breast cancer risk
  524. One dose of vitamin D boosts TB immunity
  525. The Elephant in the Living Room?
  527. Is vitamin D important for preserving cognition?
  528. “Shedding Light on Osteoporosis'
  529. Exposing Big Pharma
  530. Caffeine plus exercise can fight skin cancer, study shows
  531. Coming to America?
  532. “Burning to know,” GREAT ARTICLE!
  533. Can you guess.....
  534. Low Vit D tied to High Blood Pressure
  535. Holick's new paper
  536. Sun exposure in childhood may lower MS risk
  537. The New Relationship between Sunlight & Cancer
  538. Sunshine Could Help Prevent Cancer & Diabetes
  539. Low VitD may increase metabolic syndrome
  540. Low Vit D could result in bad allergy reaction to bee stings
  541. costs associated with completely blocking the sun's rays
  542. Blackraspberries May Protect Skin From Sunburn
  543. New Study Confirms Vit D for Colon Cancer Reduction
  544. Sunscreen ads lack evidence
  545. Low Vit D Levels in Children
  546. Are You Getting an ‘F’ in ‘D’ Sufficiency
  547. Researcher Sees Link Between Autism & Vitamin D
  548. NZ's sunsmart attitude is likely behind the low Vitamin D levels
  549. Breast Cancer: Vitamin D – or sunshine – helps keep it away
  550. Let's all steal some sunshine (it's good for us)
  551. They have (inadvertently) told the truth
  552. Vitamin D for cancer
  553. Dr. Holick, Tanning Industry Speak At Massachusetts Hearing
  554. The sunscreen myth: How sunscreen products actually promote cancer
  555. Vitamin D...prevention of type-2 diabetes
  556. Additional Vitamin D proven to be way to reduce risk of cancer
  557. 15 confirmed cases of rickets found in Ottawa
  558. Can Sunscreen Make You Hypothyroid?
  559. Rickets- among middle class
  560. Ditch Unhealthy Habits
  561. Why it’s time we saw the light
  562. Eye opening information
  563. "Everybody Needs Sunlight"
  564. Children 'put at risk of rickets'
  565. Response
  566. Healthy exposure
  567. UV exposure brings benefits
  568. Inuit live in very cold climates, why do they have dark skin?
  569. Vitamin D Boost for Heart Health
  570. Exposure for two hours a week needed in winter
  571. Experimental Dermatology
  572. Sunscreen Ingredients Healthy or NOT so healthy?
  573. Canadian Cancer Society announces national program to prevent cancer using vitamin D
  574. Consumers be warned: Most sunscreen products actually *promote* cancer
  575. Vitamin D in big demand
  576. Vitamin D vindication for Fabutan President
  577. At least some sunlight is necessary to stay healthy
  578. Oldy but a Goody
  579. Cancer study sparks mini-vitamin D frenzy
  580. Manufacturers, retailers prepare for Vitamin D demand
  581. D is for Defense
  582. Vitamin D Cuts Cancer Risk in Study
  583. Vitamin D dramatically cuts cancer risk: study
  584. Vitamin D lowers cancer risk
  585. The benefits of tanning
  586. just posted Good news!
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