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Soakin’ Up The Rays, Inc. announces The Lotion University (TM)---------------------------------------------The Lotion University (TM) is Soakin’ Up The Rays, Inc. training program to teach tanning salon owners and employees understanding indoor tanning products and how to sell them. The current format is a one day training session divided between sessions for both employees and salon owners as well as a separate session for just owners with around table discussion time. Tanning Products 101:---------------------For Tanning Salon Owners and Employees9AM to Noon* Why Do Salons Sell Tanning Products * Why Tanning Products Work* How to Use Tanning Products * You as an Employees Should be Excited to Sell Tanning Products * 3 Truths about Tanning Products * Types of Indoor Tanning Products * Steps in Tanning Products * What is Private Labeling* What is Diversion* What are Cannibals* Real World Reality* Soakin’ Up The Rays (R) and Soakin’ Up The Rays, Inc. Private Label Tanning Products * Questions and Answers* Discussion TimeEmployees are excusedNoon to 1PM: Roundtable Lunch with Tanning Salon OwnersTanning Products 201:---------------------For Tanning Salon Owners Only 1PM to 5PM* Measuring how well your salon sells Tanning Products : Lotion Performance Index (TM)* Why your salon has a lower Lotion Performance Index (TM) than you like* How to improve your Lotion Performance Index (TM)* How to Buy Tanning Products * Why Private Labeling Works* How to Deal with Diversion* How to Deal with Cannibals* Why your salon should focus on selling Soakin’ Up The Rays (R) or our Private Label Products* Real World Reality* Questions and Answers* Discussion Time When: To be scheduled on a Saturday in February 2001Tentative Locations under consideration:* Indianapolis, IN Area (4 salons already committed)* Canton-Youngstown, OH Area (9 salons already committed)Cost: $100 donation per salon to TSO to attend.Would you like to attend one of these training sessions or put another location in consideration. Please call me at 800-935-7625 or E-Mail: KlesiusSoakin' Up The Rays, Inc.1-800-935-7625WWW.Soakinuptherays.comAwarded the First TSO Seal of
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