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My company manufactured Planet Beach's Private Label tanning products from 1996 until late 1999. The Planet Beach Franchisee's raved about their success with selling the products and the performance of those products.In late 1999, Planet Beach concluded a deal with ETS, Inc. to provide Beds, Lamps and Lotions (including Private Label) exclusively to Planet Beach ending my private label relationship with Planet Beach.From many reports including posts on this site, Apparently, Planet Beach Franchising is looking for a new supplier for their products and close to a deal for a new supplier other than ETS for it's private label products. I received a call today from a franchisee saying "That the same company that made the old private label lotion was going to be used to make the new private label lotion". She was thrilled to have my products to sell again and congratulating me on getting the business back.I wanted to clear up this issue because I do not want Planet Beach Franchisees buying their new private label product thinking it is the same formulas and products that were so successful from Soakin' Up The Rays, Inc.As of this date, I have not been contacted by Planet Bach nor am I selling Planet Beach any private label products. I did not want anyone using my or my company's name and quality reputation to sell products they were not being purchased from me or my company.
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