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Re: Copy of My General Post
I have been tanning responsibly for years. The truth is, I feel WAY better mentally, emotionally, and physically when I tan. I NEED to soak up some UV rays. I limit my time, never over-expose, use sun protection when I am not exactly sure what my exposure will be, and I lather on moisture. I was never really tuned into how much anti-tanning marketing was out there until recently. My partner and I purchased a couple of tanning salons and figured out quick just how lopsided the information is. When I am talking to a new client (especially an inexperienced one), I am VERY specific about exposure risks and try to help them understand how to be good to their skin, so they get the results they want without causing harm or prematurely aging. People who have been tanning for years have told me directly that nobody has ever taken the time to explain how to tan (and yes, as everyone here knows, there is a proper way!). If you are ever in Iowa, please come by and see us! We are

We have two stores and are about to open two more!
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