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Re: Anyone gone from VersaPRO down to VersaSPA

Similar experience here. I suppose I have learned to expect it, and would consider it "normal," though I would certainly prefer not having to deal with so much maintenance.

I imagine that Sunless would probably recommend the Mystic Kyss for less maintenance.

Originally Posted by bronzejason View Post
We have had heater turbine, slide motor, slider motor brake, solutions leaking, height sensors breaking, solution pump and solution pump solenoids, and sump pumps all go out and need replacing.
Do you all consider this normal wear and tear? maybe we are being unreasonable. our machines are down at LEAST a month in total a year with issues. Some of that comes from that we have no one in northern california that can work on them quick enough and the other that it sometimes takes a week to get a part from Sunless inc.

Sunless inc did however completely rebuild our original Versa Pro at their cost because they think we had a lemon. This convinced us to buy a second one and now we are having the same issues, constantly. We are in need of two more units possibly three and im just nervous to purchase again.
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