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Re: Anyone gone from VersaPRO down to VersaSPA

To the customer a versa spa will feel like a downgrade compared to the pro. They both give great results but the pro has more custom options. My Versa spa is rarely down and I have had it for 8 years. Things like sump pumps and solution pumps will go but not very often and I would say my down time is max 1 day a year. Mind you I fix it myself when it breaks but it is rare that it is down completely and not usable. I think they made the pros to fancy and they were meant to break to bring in more revenue. The originals are pretty solid and don't need much.

This morning my sump pump broke it was last replaced 30 months ago. I disabled power to the pump and turned off wash cycle and can use it till my part comes tomorrow. So no down time but the pump cost 661 Cad with tax.

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