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Re: Zoom Tan has bought Total Tan in NY

Originally Posted by fastedu1 View Post
This guy is going around giving away cheap tanning, saying tanning beds are dirty and high pressure beds are bad for you and you guys suck on his balls?

Fast you couldnt drive your point home with class? Really?

Fast you are the coward. You are afraid of free enterprise and competition. You are also a hypocrite because I am sure you shop online and at Walmart to save money. You could care a less about the mom and pop retailers getting wiped out by Walmart and Amazon when you go shopping.

You think high pressure is good for our industry? Do you really think your customers should submit their face to 1000 watt facial tanners?
Hmmm maybe you just like like the money you get from high pressure?

Learn to adapt and compete. Otherwise you will end up on the ash heap of failed tanning salons because all your self righteous whining wont help you!
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