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Re: Minutes/points vs sessions and monthly packages

Originally Posted by gravesmc View Post
I am trying to settle something with my partner. When pricing a 1 mth pass, do you price it according to what a certain number of tans would be?
Packages must have a value progression starting with single session and going to your best value membership with steps in between that include the one month package. Calculate using average number of tans a month. I believe 8 is the number others use a higher number. A one month package should cost less than your largest session package 8 or 10 sessions, I believe it should be 8. The more the tan the better the deal the monthly package value will be, and so on up to the memberships.

You should not be figuring what your one month should be, you should be thinking about your entire price structure that will dictate the monthly price. A great deal of thought must go into price structures and be willing to make changes. That does not mean higher prices it means how tanning packages are presented based on the needs of todays consumer that is constantly changing. Be fluid in your thinking. You can present the same thing a number of different ways. Forget about minutes, and session packages should be the smallest part of your price structure and most expensive.
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