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Re: Minutes/points vs sessions and monthly packages

Originally Posted by sunsally View Post
You can't just pull one number out of the pricing plan - it is all part of a "system".

However, I tend to set up as follows (depending on competition and what we are trying to accomplish):

single price
5 visits - approx 80% off
10 visits - approx 70% off
20 visits - 50-60% off
Month - approx price of 10 visits - and about 3 "weeks"
Week - price of two singles
EFT - approx 50% of monthly

So if your walk-in was $7...might look like this
Week - $14
Month - $45
EFT - $20

Your basic pitch is:

"We have several levels of beds and pricing plans to fit YOUR plan.

The BEST value is our Membership - average just 3 tans/month and it pays for itself!

If you do NOT do membership, Visits are best if you typically tan 2x/week or less. As you buy a bigger package, you get a better price per tan!

Week and month are more cost effective if you tan more frequently. As you can see, a month is just less than the 10 visits price"

Anyone that comes in to buy a single you try to at LEAST sell a week by pointing out it is the same price as two singles. "If you come just twice, it is the same money -- anymore than 2 times in the week and you are ahead of the game!"

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