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Norvell: why does it dominate the mkt

Hi I was calling around to other salon owners for another venture that i am doing and it was really cool to meet all of these girls in the same business as I am in, with the same goals, problems, passion for the business! Kind of like how we are all on here! So I made prob 63 calls in the past few days. Hands down everyone uses norvell. I use norvell! But why?! Is it because there really isn't anything else better out there? I have personally tried everything and I mean EVERYTHING started w infinity sun have bounced around from south seas to sjolie to Vani-t to st tropez I have tried literally prob every little mom and pop solution on the market no joke I am a psycho haha. But I have done this bc I am not in head over heels in love with norvell, I use it and I do amazing tans, but I am still wanting more. It is consistent, never orange, doesn't smell, dries quickly...but these are basics to me, it makes me wonder how come another solution hasn't been able to really make a huge dent in this market? Is norvell that hard to emulate and make better somehow? Are there smaller solution brands that can compare but just lack the funding? I don't get it. I mean is norvell really that good??? Or is everyone just drinking the koolaid bc it's in our faces and easy to buy? How is this market that saturated? It's insane! Thoughts??! My mind is just spinning after my day today it was just norvell across the board and it got me thinking...
I'm sure all of you don't use norvell and have gone to other solutions for the same reasons I have tried other ones I am not saying one solution is better than another....just so confused how norvell just dominates this market big time!!
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