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Re: what is you take on customers bringing in lotion they bought online?

There is a reason why Mary Kay and Avon do not sell to mass merchants; it is to protect their independent distribution chains. Those independent individuals are the ones who are out there promoting THEIR products every day...their whole line! If they offered their products to Wal Mart or Deal or ebay, do you think that they would support and carry their whole line? No! They would only carry their "hot sellers". That is why the lotion manufacturers, and distributors are losing their Asses and businesses.

They do not understand marketing 101; rule 1: choose your distribution method and stick to it. Rule 2: don't mix them or try to use multiple distribution methods. It doesn't work. The lotion industry is trying to use distributors and mass marketers; it isn't working. They are growing their mass marketers while killing their distributors business. Soon there will be no one willing to stock and market their overpriced merchandise. And mass marketer will lose interest in the lotion commodity.

You know what will happen then? The mass marketers will move on to diet pills, or copper socks or the other next "mass marketing fad" of the day....
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