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Re: what is you take on customers bringing in lotion they bought online?

Originally Posted by peach2 View Post
These lotion manufacturers use salons to market their lotions to the public; me and you turn their lotion into a national hit by retailing it, then they sell the mass quantities to the internet merchants who gobble them up and sell them at 50% off of 50%. You sell 10 bottles and make $500, they sell 5000 and make 20k. Real fair. They ought to pay US to sell their lotion in our stores.
interesting perspective, sounds as cynical as I always will be.

you read the label on some of this stuff, and they could use it for outdoor tanning, but... do they?

they use it in our salons.

there are great companies out there that develop a protective mechanisms for the retailer, your saying this is not the case... it's a free for all.

So..that is why I say it's all fluff, If Designer Skin or whoever claims they are the best and has ingredients like no others, they can maintain a higher price point without leaking it to the internet..

they can't since it's no better than the other slop out there.

the MSRP is more than 2 times keystone....

this gives us room to mark them down when we need to have a smoke and mirror promotion.

Just trying to figure it out, can't summarily, mark them down 50%, that would be fiscal suicide.

If the customer lays down and pays for pop, I ain't gonna complain.

I'll take the big with the small
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