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Re: what is you take on customers bringing in lotion they bought online?

Originally Posted by peach2 View Post
It's not my way. It's simple math. What is different about $120 for a lotion and 5 visits in a HP bed or $50 for lotion and $15 for a HP session? Answer: not a thing except you are giving your clients the impression that your $30,000 tanning bed is worthless. I'd much rather give them the impression that the lotion is worthless (which it basically is).

Sunrisetan, I am making a comfortable living as well. That doesn't mean I stick my head I the sand and pretend that everything is OK. Facts are facts, my friend.
I agree with the worthless lotion comment LOL,
now I would not, if the tan lotion industry would tone it down a little,they are all trying to out do the other... any disagreements here?

jwoww, snooki, pauli who? hardy? and lets not forget the kardashians, everyone is junpin into the fray., don't get me wrong we need these spokespeople to exert peer pressure, for our low and high pressure

and some going out of business soon

with the BS hype( I smell a Rat)

no other cosmetic type manufacturer, cover-up,

it's nonsense by continually coming up with "new technology" to both confuse the seller( me, the girls) and the consumer. sure some of it is viable.

there is no true or effective manner to separate the chaff from the wheat, Oh I know MARKETING meaning shoveling excrement.

Why don't a disinterested third party "review" said products and rate because, in their respective categories i.e. bronzers , tinglers, warmers, cooler, delayed, instant, melanin enhancers, they are all the same.... the big X factor perhaps is skin type.

and even If i graduate and receive my BS degree on lotions, it's actually a PHD ( piled High and deep) it will still not amount to a hill of beans,

because, most of it is either superfluous, redundant and unnecessary.

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