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Re: what is you take on customers bringing in lotion they bought online?

I noticed some new customers will walk in with bottles of Luminary they got online for 45 bucks, and I look at my 120.00 and wonder.

sold Obsidian for full pop @126+tax to a gentlemen that didn't care.

I think internet has chipped away from retail, not only in tanning salons but every conceivable item destined for the end user.

I myself is am a frugal internet researcher/buyer, I like saving money, I don't impulse buy nothin.

I feel most fall somewhere in the middle.

So in reflecting on the internet buyer, can't help but to feel I have left "money on the table", Every other business or deal I have made I made big ones when I could and made little ones when I had to, I still tried to make the deal, as long as i profited reasonably.

Of course I can't preempt a "savvy shopper" and give away what I didn't need to

I think it's all technique...

Since they are going to run out sooner or later ,I approach those, and Make a side deal to make a few bucks, and not the usual to keep the flow happening in the store.
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