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Re: what is you take on customers bringing in lotion they bought online?

Originally Posted by sunrisetan View Post
You are not my friend.
I give 2 HP tans with a bottle of luminary at $120. As today, lady buys a luminary and a $200 pkg. she gets 2 extra sessions, big deal. $320 sale.
I gross $320. You get $50 and if you even have a $200 pkg, you get $250 and maybe? Give more sessions than me.
Ps. 92 people, over $1750.
OK-How much is the lotion worth and how much is the HP sessions worth? MSRP on the Luminary is $120, the HP is $25 a session. So you are screwing yourself out of $50, and patting yourself on the back, telling yourself how great you are. Real smart guy you are.

How much do you charge for a HP Session if I buy a $20 bottle of AG? $25? You are discriminating against poor people! or AG lovers! Someone will turn you in to civil rights council. Cats out of the bag now, dude.
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